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Gree is a manufacturer of air conditioners and air conditioning systems. Their product line of air conditioners includes PTAC air conditioners and mini-split air conditioning systems. Gree started in 1991 with the goal in making the world a cooler place to live in, literally. Their headquarters are located in Zhuhai, China and have evolved into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air conditioners. They have grown as a company with over 80,000 employees since their inception. Gree specializes in research & development the latest technology and innovation dealing with the best ways live comfortably and cool their living space no matter where they choose to live, work, or play. They are also committed to eco-responsibility by utilizing 3% of their budget in R&D for developing better ways to preserve the environment. They are a pioneer in the industry with their R410A refrigerant which is promoted as 100% eco-friendly.

Gree promotes a ductless solution to air conditioning as part of a mini-split style of air conditioning systems. The appeal of mini-split systems by Gree offer a convenient, efficient and whisper-quiet way to cool any room in the home. Gree pushes forth that ductless mini-split air conditioners are convenient in the fact that they do not require any duct work if your home does not contain a pre-existing ventilation duct system to be installed. Gree also promotes that their mini-split air conditioning systems are efficient in cooling any room or living area at the fraction of the cost compared to central air conditioning systems. In addition, Gree enforces their stance that ductless mini-split air conditioners are whisper-quiet as the condenser is run separate from the fan unit located outside along the wall.

Gree is dedicated to innovating an air conditioning system that is more ecological in design and manufacturing a better standard in living comfort.

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