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Glory Furniture is a family-owned wholesale furniture business that has its roots in retail furniture. Glory has grown to be the premier importer of promotional to mid-price furniture in the NY/NJ Metro and Philadelphia region. They maintain a 350,000+ sq. ft. warehouse with today's best-selling home furnishings. Glory Furniture is committed to having today's most sought-after looks in stock for fast delivery. When the customer chooses Glory they can be assured of getting Value, Style, and Quality.

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Glory Furniture Product Series

Louis Phillipe Series Marilla Series Hammond Series Burlington Series G1505 Series Primo Series Lorana Series G1525 Series Newbury Series LaVita Series Hollywood Hills Series Bergen Series Deb Series Summit Series G3100 Series G1200 Series Julie Series Ashford Series G3105 Series G3125 Series G3150 Series Aaron Series G3190 Series Pompano Series Capua Series Delray Series Darden Series LouisPhillipe Series G8850 Series Super Nova Series Nailer Series Joy Series Suffolk Series Lodi Series G1500G Series Nova Series Raisa Series Andrews Series Panello Series Riveredge Series G5950 Series Ward Series Gallant Series Triton Series Sandridge Series Maxx Series Nola Series G2700 Series Scarborough Series Ashley Series Malone Series Alba Series Turin Series G800 Series Glades Series Kat Series Dania Series Milan Series G1250 Series Lucca Series Derek Series Daria Series Alana Series G1275 Series G1290 Series Miami Series Caldwell Series Dino Series G5975 Series Katrina Series G2570 Series Portland Series Marta Series Izzy Series G7010 Series Newton Series Daniel Series Dalton Series Xavier Series Paige Series G1205 Series Stadium Series G2400 Series Lola Series Nicole Series Diamond Series Nyla Series Woodbridge Series Merril Series Lionel Series Navi Series Bari Series Maya Series Manny Series Hudson Series G400 Series G580 Series Revere Series Astoria Series G490 Series Siena Series Boston Series Paulina Series Lewis Series Jewel Series Lindsey Series G510 Series Dana Series Alan Series Carla Series Jenna Series G1250B Series Sammi Series G640 Series G1150 Series Italia Series G2595 Series G1175 Series G1500 Series Charleston Series G1500D Series Slats Series G1225 Series Jessica Series G1503 Series Meade Series Flair Series Victa Series Contempo Series Richie Series Ascot Series Olney Series G1225C Series Salem Series Vince Series Ray Series Alston Series Cindy Series G300 Series Domino Series Lennox Series G480 Series Chroma Series Pounder Series G0017 Series Rose Series

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