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Global Furniture USA is an importer of modern contemporary and transitional furniture. Through years of distribution and design refinement they've made furniture manufacturing and delivery efficient and inexpensive for the benefit of consumers, who can enjoy their products for much less than was traditionally possible. These furnishings are fashionable, comfortable and with a design flair that can liven up your bedroom or common areas.

The large selection of products is at your disposal to affordably furnish any room in your home. The Metro Bedding set has tufted leatherette upholstery and matching twin oak veneer nightstands, dresser, and an attractive minimalist framed mirror for a sleek urbane appearance. In the dining room, you can find original shapes and colors matched with novel materials, like their two-toned square tables with matching chairs that seamlessly disappear into the checkerboard shape. You can furnish your patio beautifully and affordable thanks to their wide variety of outdoor furniture including lounge chairs, vinyl rattan love seats, and wooden armchairs.

We still haven't scratched the surface, accent pieces, sturdy desks, and wall decor and so much more. We may have to start a separate site just to handle all the options available to you thanks to Global Furniture USA.

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