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Garland started back in 1864 when it was a small Foundry that would grow to become the Michigan Stove company and produced over 200 variety of stoves under the Garland name. As production kept on growing and increasing, the Garland Group was formed in 1995. Throughout the year, its parent company changed several times until 2008 when it was finally acquired by the Manitowoc Company Inc., the leading global foodsevice equipment company.

Garland now offers a variety of restaurant equipment, from fryers to broilers, grills and griddles, induction worktops and their original specialty, ranges and ovens. Offering ovens for pizza, baking, roasting, or with convection, there are also a variety of ranges for heavy duty use and chef designs for experts. Garland delivers premium quality, top performance and outstanding value, allowing its name to continue throughout the decades

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