Gardena Sofa

Gardena Sofa, LLC. is a company that was established over 20 years ago in Southern California. They specialize in living room furniture and can build them in styles that range from contemporary, traditional, to modern. Gardena Sofa build furniture based off customer needs and preferences starting from materials to framework. All elements of their furniture are approved by consumers and are made sure to be from the finest material. High quality is a must when building our products and meet all certified law codes. Frame structures are made from scratch and are all built carefully nail to nail and joint to joint to ensure that they last a lifetime.

Gardena Sofa take pride in their up to date, abundant, and lavish fabric choices. They have over 2,000 to choose from, all collected carefully; high quality and domestically imported. They always keep up with the newest trends, all while ensuring the most fashionable products at the most affordable prices. Gardena Sofa have had the largest success from their developing application that allow customers to create their own furniture right at the touch of their fingers. It is a first of its kind type of application and they are happy to bring it to our customers in the year of 2016. Gardena Sofa always strives to bring furniture everyone can enjoy using.

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