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Like many trends, home décor and fashion can be cyclical and seeing popular designs of years past making a comeback is not uncommon. While some trends are best left in the past, others make their inevitable return and become more popular than ever. One example of such a recurrence is that of velvet furniture. Velvet has long been a classic style due to its warmth and innately elegant aesthetic. Often associated with royalty, the earliest creation of velvet or mention of the fabric's rise to popularity date back hundreds, even thousands, of years. Since then, velvet has seen many variations and a wide range of uses; furniture, clothing, and artwork. In the 1970's and 80's, velvet, once again, became widely popular in the US for its glamorous and luxurious appearance. After a lull in mainstream adoration, velvet is making another comeback tour.

As with all popular design trends, Appliances Connection is at the forefront with a wide variety of premium velvet furniture options. Choose from our high-quality velvet living room sets, love seats, ottomans, sofas, and chaise lounges. In addition to providing the products you love, we, at Appliances Connection, strive to bring you helpful information on getting the most out of your purchases. In this article, we will explore the various methods of maintenance and cleaning of velvet furniture. As always, refer to our comprehensive Learning Center for more articles regarding furniture care and helpful buying guides for appliances!

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The first thing to consider when you've purchased or are considering purchasing velvet furniture is where you'll be placing it. Generally, brighter and richer pigments on velvet furniture do not fare well in direct sunlight. Thus, it is encouraged that the placement of these pieces be away from direct light to prevent fading and discoloration. With that in mind, window coverings of various sorts can be a helpful addition to the room you choose as it will prolong the life of your velvet items without obstructing too much light. While direct sunlight to your velvet may be unavoidable, it is best to take steps to limit the exposure so that your furniture may retain its lustrous sheen.

Now that you've chosen the perfect spot for your velvet furniture piece, it's time to learn how to do regular maintenance cleaning and eliminating any sudden stains. Before choosing a cleaning method or product, it is important to identify precisely with what your furniture is composed. This is as true for velvet as it is for any material as many common fabrics are compositions of multiple elements. For instance, velvet may be made with cotton or polyester, which is easier to clean than velvet with acetate, rayon, or silk. The latter materials are more sensitive and can be easily damaged with improper care. Additionally, most new upholstered furniture should be accompanied by proper cleaning practices listed on the tag or paperwork.

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For cotton or polyester based velvets, upholstery cleaner like Woolite is one recommended solution. As with any cleaning agent and fabric type, it is best to test the cleaner on a small, discreet corner of the fabric to see any sort of reaction. This is the safest way to test the material and solution and not damage or discolor your furniture. After you've determined your cleaning product to be safe and used it on your velvet furniture, it is recommended that you vacuum and brush the surface several times. Doing occasional upkeep with this combination of cleaning products, vacuuming, and brushing, will save your furniture from permanent damage and keep it looking fantastic!

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Velvet Care Wet Methods

Wet Cleaning Methods

In the event of a spilled liquid on your velvet furniture, it is vital to act quickly to minimize the damage. The first step is to take a white absorbent cloth or paper towel to the spill to gently sop up most of the liquid. It is not recommended that you dab or rub the spill as this will cause the spilled liquid to be pushed deeper into the fibers of the velvet. Leave the cloth on the spill to absorb as much of the liquid as possible and then let the fabric air dry. For more cleaning action, combine dish soap and water into a sudsy mix in a bucket. Soak a cloth in this mix and apply it gently to the spill. Blot the liquid until it disappears and dry quickly with a hair dryer or fan.

Dry Cleaning Methods

In the case of wet fabric, use a paper towel or soft cloth to soak excess liquid. Use a sponge with a small amount of dry cleaning detergent and blot the stain. Allow the wet spot to dry entirely. To speed up the drying process, use a hair dryer or fan. This well help prevent permanent damage and keep the liquids from penetrating deep into the velvet fibers. Additionally, many vacuum cleaners include a special upholstery attachment for removing accumulated dust and dirt. For regular upkeep, lightly brushing with a soft-bristle brush will help to keep any unwanted materials from building up on your furniture.

Velvet Care Dry Methods
Velvet Care Professional Methods

Professional Cleaning

If these other solutions are unsuccessful or don't make your furniture look like the day you bought it, you may want to consider using the services of a professional. A certified cleaning technician may use steam cleaning or other cleaning solutions to do a thorough job. While the products and techniques they use may be accessible to you, velvet is a delicate material and requires precise care to ensure the fabric doesn't get ruined during the process. Be sure to share the vital information regarding the materials and specifics of your velvet furniture with the professional furniture cleaners.

In addition to the cleaning methods recommended here, it is best to check all available resources provided by the manufacturer of your furniture. For more furniture care tips and information about appliances, be sure to check out all of the informative articles on the Learning Center, exclusively on Appliances Connection!

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