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Furniture Care Series - Suede

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What is Suede?

Suede is a type of leather with a napped finish that is commonly used for jackets, furniture, shoes and other items. It is considered a luxurious fabric and many people love it. It is typically produced from the under-skin of lambs, goats, and pigs rather than cows. It is known for its soft, pleasant texture. However, there have been many complaints about how hard it is to remove a stain from suede. Just because it is tough does not mean it is not possible. There are various products and techniques that will help you to remove the stain immediately and effectively. This article will offer guidance on how to pick the right type of suede furniture and educate you on how to clean it.

As soon as you purchase your suede furniture, you have to use a protective spray that will prevent spills from becoming permanent stains. However, you have to be aware of what kind of spray you are using; find out whether it is water based or synthetic solvent. Then, read the furniture's manual to see if the spray is safe to use on your furniture. Suede furniture requires extra care. Thus, you constantly have to vacuum it and wipe it with a wet white towel.

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Let's say that you spill something on your suede furniture, whether it is wine or coffee, first thing that you have to do is drop a dry white towel on it, so it can absorb as much of the spill as it can. However, do not put pressure on it because it can push the liquid further in. Then you have to prepare equipment that will help you to clean the stain without ruining your furniture. There are suede brushes and suede cleaning products like a foam cleaners that will help you to remove the stains. However, if you don't have them at the moment, you can just use vinegar, alcohol or mild detergent to easily wipe it off. Stains are easier to remove if they are wet and new. Thus, wet stains needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

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If the stain is dry and old, you can try using a suede eraser to erase it. To start, rub the stain with a dry towel and then gently use the suede eraser over the stain. If you do not have a suede eraser, then regular erasers should do the trick. For the finishing touches, you have to use the suede brush to raise the nap on your suede and as well as removing the surface dirt and stains.

Now that you are aware of how to clean suede furniture, you can go ahead and shop for your favorite suede furniture at Appliances Connection. Appliances Connection offers various kinds of sofas, loveseats and counter stools that are made of suede. For instance, you can take a look at Sofa Sleepers from Fun Furnishings. They come in various colors from black, black zebra, blue to yellow, pink and purple. These sofa and chair sleepers are the perfect place to sit to read, watch TV or play games. You can flip open this sofa sleeper, to create a little bed for sleeping. This sofa is very affordable and convenient to use. With the tips that you learned earlier about how to clean them, you should feel confident about purchasing your favorite suede furniture.

furniture care suede Chelsea sofa

Take a look at this sofa from Chelsea home furniture made of flat-suede chocolate. The frames are constructed using select hardwoods, plywood and industry approved OSB board.

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Suede is much thinner and more delicate than leather, thus it requires extra care. Suede is not known for its endurance in harsher environments. However, suede makes a great loveseat or counter stool.

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