Frymaster Commercial Fryers Overview

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You know what makes your customers come back time and time again; light and flaky fries, crunchy nacho chips and (maybe?) a deep-fried Snickers bar! Whatever crispy dishes you have on your menu, you know that a top-quality commercial deep fryer makes all the difference.

Why Frymaster? Because Frymaster makes high-quality, reliable, energy efficient commercial fryers that are designed to reduce fuel and operating costs. At the same time, they are invested in building fryers that deliver a superior quality product. That means your customers get the crispiest, flakiest, crunchiest food and you save money!

At this point, you may be wondering what Frymaster fryer is right for restaurant. In this article, you will be introduced to some of Frymaster's best gas and electric commercial fryers, as well as their pros and cons to help you make the right decision.

Frymaster Gas Commercial Fryers

Frymaster | 21814GF

Frymaster | 21814GF

The Frymaster 21814GF is designed to be compact and efficient in all aspects. In addition to taking up 11 to 15% less hood and floor space than a comparable fryer system but it also uses 50% less energy! Though the whole system is compact, the food output is sufficient for most small restaurants.

Other features include:

  • A heat-transfer system that saves energy and extends oil life.
  • Built in oil filtration system that ensures consistent great taste.
  • Wide cold zone that keeps sediment away from cooking area.
  • Fast drainage and easy clean-up.
  • Both fuel costs and the machines themselves are less expensive.

Frymaster | 31814GF & 41814GF

Two Fryers

The Frymaster 31814GF and 41814GF are larger versions of the Frymaster 21814GF. They have all the same great features including oil filtration and energy and fuel efficiency. The only difference is the size. To determine if either of these larger models is right for you, you must think about how much fryer capacity you really need.

The overview on Appliances Connection lists the amount of several kinds of food that each fryer basket can produce in an hour. For example, each fryer basket can produce 100 lbs. of French fries per hour. If you can determine how many fries, or nuggets or chicken strips you need to produce in an hour, you can easily determine how much total fryer capacity you need.

Cons of the Frymaster gas models are like what you experience with other gas fryers, namely:

  • They're less portable and movable since the appliance must be hooked up to the gas line.
  • Though they take a shorter time to heat up initially, they have longer hat up times between batches of food, which can affect turnaround time.

Frymaster Electric Commercial Fryers

Frymaster FPRE5222403 & FPRE6222083

Electric Fryers

If you want to kick your frying game up a notch, then it's time to bring in a Frymaster electric model. With even greater capacity than the gas models, the electric Frymaster models are perfect for fryer - heavy eateries like sports bars, cafeterias and large restaurants. Both electric fryers have a huge oil capacity - 250 lbs. for the FPRE5222403 and 300 lbs. for the FPRE6222083. These heavy-duty fryers are large and in charge! They're perfect for high volume frying.


  • Cool kitchen - these fryers cycle the energy directly into the oil instead of into your kitchen, keeping everything nice and cool.
  • Filter cycle of less than 5 minutes - and you can use other fry pots while one is filtering.
  • Melt cycle and boil out mode.
  • Stainless-steel construction.
  • Built in filtration system that eliminates need for additional floor space.


  • Costs - both the fuel costs and the cost of the fryer itself are more expensive.
  • Space - You will really need a large kitchen space to accommodate these models.
  • Take longer to heat up compared to gas models.

In conclusion, Frymaster's gas models are super energy and fuel-efficient appliances that are great for small to mid-sized restaurants and bars. The electric models are also extremely fuel efficient but are better suited to large eateries and sports bars with high fryer volume.

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