Fresca Bath Products

At Fresca, they understand that the bathroom is where you center yourself and prepare for the coming day, which is why their products are made to help you find sanctuary and peace whenever you need it. Using only quality materials in contemporary designs, Fresca products earn their place in what could be the most important room in the home.

Sharp lines and rounded corners gives Fresca's fixtures a clean geometric look, and some of their more innovative designs like the Cascata waterfall faucet eschew traditional layouts altogether for a completely unique experience. Install a Fresca Dual Flush toilet, for European design and efficiency.

Want to enhance your daily shower? Consider a Fresca Shower Panel, which combines rain spouts, massaging jets, and gentle sprays in multiple layouts for your ideal cleansing experience. With Thermostatic valve technology, you can set the temperature and the panel automatically holds it, no more fiddling with the dial to stay hot. These incredible fixtures are available in Silver Steel, Brushed Bronze, and Hassle-Free PVC exteriors with Spanish ceramic discs for years and years of reliability.

Complete your bathroom with a complete bathroom accessory kit, which feature the same modern designs and exquisite finishes you can expect from Fresca. If just need one item, we have the towel rack, toilet paper holder, or wall hook you're looking for. It's this attention to design makes us proud to offer Fresca bathroom fixtures.

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Fresca Product Series

Torino Series Lucera Series Oxford Series Valencia Series Lazzaro Series Allier Series Tuscany Series Formosa Series Manchester Series Vista Series Mezzo Series Catania Series Windsor Series Imperia Series Livello Series Cambridge Series Magnifico Series Solido Series Ottimo Series Senza Series Milano Series Allier Rio Series Ellite Series Glorioso Series Alto Series Energia Series Spazio Series Tiempo Series Generoso Series Hartford Series Medio Series Platinum Due Series Moselle Series Pulito Series Nano Series Opulento Series Largo Series Alzato Series Santo Series Platinum Wave Series Fortore Series Adour Series Angelo Series Kingston Series Greenwich Series Potenza Series Livenza Series Allaro Series Coda Series Fiora Series Contento Series Netto Series Attrazione Series Bevera Series Verona Series Ovale Series Vitale Series

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