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When it comes to refrigerators, there are countless options available on the market today. Within this wide variety, choosing a model that fits your kitchen perfectly can be a challenging task. The most important first steps are measuring your kitchen space and deciding which design features are most important to you. Appliances Connection is proud to be your source of all things refrigeration and providing you the tools to find the ideal refrigerator for your home. One popular fridge design is the French Door refrigerator. In this article we will compare French Door refrigerator models from Jenn-Air and Sub-Zero, two of our most sought-after brands. For more information on appliances, furniture, and home design, check out the informative articles in our Learning Center. For more French Door refrigerators, other configurations of refrigerators, and our vast selection of appliances, be sure to search on Appliances Connection!

Jenn-Air - JFCC72EFS


Jenn-Air initially made a splash with their invention of the first self-ventilating downdraft range and have since delivered products in nearly every major appliance category. One shining example of their premium appliance lineup is this 36" Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator. At first glance, it's hard to miss the large total interior capacity and beautiful obsidian interior finish. This finish provides a sharper contrast than traditional white interiors and creates a delightful showcase for your food and beverage items. While it may seem unnecessary to some, this fridge is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity which allows you to adjust basic refrigerator functions, such as temperatures, via an app on your smartphone. The powerful Twin Fresh climate control system utilizes separate evaporators in the fridge and freezer compartments to maintain independent temperature control. Furthermore, the freezer is loaded with the Pure Freeze mode which indicates when temperatures are adjusted down to a deep freeze which helps to alleviate freezer burn and keeps frozen items in optimal conditions. While this model is equipped with an energy saving mode, it is not Energy Star certified. The tint-free, adjustable clear glass shelves offer a refined look but are not the spill-proof shelf design you may find on other models.

Here's some looks at other configurations and features of this model:


Sub-Zero - BI36UFDO

Sub-Zero - BI36UFDO

Sub-Zero has long been at the forefront of cutting edge appliances and this is especially true when it comes to refrigeration. Their reputation is upheld with this French Door refrigerator as evidenced by the innovative features and design, but it does fall short in some areas. This 36" Built-In Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator features a respectable 21. cu. ft. total capacity, making it slightly smaller than the Jenn-Air model, but just as functional. While the Jenn-Air model comes with only two options, this Sub-Zero fridge is available with a wide array of custom features including door and drawer handle styles, custom door panels, and your choice of grille panels. This refrigerator is equipped with an advanced anti-microbial air purification system that fights spoilage and odors. The highly efficient automatic ice maker with "Max Ice" feature is a welcome one but the lack of a water dispenser may be a deal-breaker for those who prioritize that when choosing a new refrigerator. One key point in favor of Sub-Zero's French Door refrigerator is the inclusion of adjustable shelves in the main compartment, the door, and the dairy compartment. This leads to highly customizable refrigerator that you can configure to match your usage. Like the other model featured in this article, this refrigerator features dual refrigeration technology with individual compressor and cooling systems for the fridge and freezer compartments.

Here's some looks at other configurations and features of this model:

Sub-Zero - BI36UFDO Sub-Zero - BI36UFDO Sub-Zero - BI36UFDO Sub-Zero - BI36UFDO


As far as these two French Door refrigerators from Jenn-Air and Sub-Zero go, there's no clear winner. Jenn-Air's model is equipped with the obsidian interior finish which is undoubtedly the superior aesthetic design. Is the innovative look of this model enough to make up for a lack of customizable shelves? Sub-Zero's fridge is available in a wide variety of configurations and features an adjustable interior. Though, without a water dispenser, it is hard to crown Sub-Zero's model the champion. Both examples feature powerful cooling technology and isolated temperature zones so there's no wrong answer if that's a priority. While Sub-Zero's refrigerator is offered with several different design options, even the base model will cost you more than any configuration of Jenn-Air's fridge. As far as exterior finishes go, Sub-Zero offers many more choices and the ability to install a custom panel makes your options seemingly infinite. Jenn-Air's model has more total storage capacity, which maybe the most important difference to many consumers. As stated earlier, there is no clear winner here. You'll have to make the final decision for yourself! Let us know what you think by leaving us a message on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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