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Freezer Buying Guide

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Not too long ago, refrigeration was a remarkable feat of modern technology. The refrigerator, generally, is never given much thought and often taken for granted. Refrigeration is responsible for many modern marvels. In fact, through refrigeration, astounding advancements for mankind were made possible, ranging from but are not limited to, keeping perishable food items fresh longer to prolonging the decaying of live organs for surgical transplant. Of course, most of us are not in the industry of saving lives but we all benefit from refrigeration.

Like most folks, I have a regular refrigerator at home. Side by Side style, for those who are curious. Its one of those units with the freezer storage on the left hand side. One of my main gripes is that the freezer storage does not offer a lot of space. Forget a large frozen pizza, Im lucky if I can fit a box of Hot Pockets with my fridge. I also have to shop on a limited scale in terms of which food products I want available because of the limited space. I do, however, have garage space and have often wondered about investing in a large freezer unit.

Why Buy a Freezer?

Aside from keeping food organized and fresher longer, there are an array of usefulness that comes with owning a stand-alone freezer unit.

Food Shopping

Food shopping

Saving money typically comes in the form in buying in bulk. Sometimes there are bargains and sales at the supermarket that you can take advantage of by buying more and freezing for later use. When stored properly, freezing your meats and certain produce will keep indefinitely past its suggested perishable date.

Food Preparation

Food preparation

Save time by preparing food ahead of time and freezing them for later use. It’s a waste of time to have to prepare your favorite sauce every time you need it. Make a batch of your favorite sauce, portion it, and keep it in your freezer for later use. Or, if you please, marinate that slab of ribs and freeze it ahead of time in anticipation for that next BBQ opportunity.



Sometimes, having more than you can need is not only a luxury but sometimes inevitable. Don’t contribute to the ongoing issue of food waste and store your extra perishables for later consumption.


Bigger items

I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to buy an entire turkey or an entire sirloin of beef when I see it on sale but unfortunately I just don’t have the space available. With the investment on a new freezer unit, the ability to buy more translates to savings.

Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Opposed to regular refrigeration units, stand-alone freezer units may not provide the most energy efficient operation but there are advancements in energy savings designs with consideration with insulation and performance. The better freezers should be able to maintain and keep food frozen for up to 24 hours in case of a power outage. Always check the yellow energy rating label to suit your needs.

Purchasing a New Freezer Unit


One of the main benefits about owning a freezer unit is the ability to save time and money. You will be able to store more food for a longer period of time and especially during bargain days at your local food mart. Here are some guidelines to consider when buying a new stand-alone freezer.



One of the primary concerns is the price of a freezer unit and the affordability of it in relation to how much you’re willing to invest. On the lower end of the spectrum are smaller freezers around $300 but any substantial freezer unit will run around $800 in terms of size and performance. Premium freezer options are available for well over $1000 as well.


Space and Size

In relation to the location of placing the unit, how much space do you require? Consider the size of the freezer unit with attention to the amount of space you have available.

Types of Freezer


Chest vs Upright Freezer

Chest Freezer vs Upright Freezer

Not only just a style preference but also a form versus function issue. Chest freezer units laid out width-wise will require reaching down and digging about and the freezer door will open from the top. Upright freezer units standing length-wise can be viewed straight ahead and the door will open from the front facing you. Typically, it would be a little easier to make choices looking straight ahead but there may not be the right amount of space to accommodate. Do you require to make quick and visual judgments or not?


Frost Free

Manual vs Self-Defrost

Manually defrosting requires labor in removing food items from the freezer and letting frost buildup drain when it melts. Self-defrost requires energy usage by heating frost buildup. If the freezer does not contain a self-defrost feature, then it is required to manually defrost.



Freezer in Garage

Where is it convenient to place a new freezer unit? Typically, most would consider placing a freezer inside a garage or basement for convenience when traditional spaces are not an option.

The Best Stand-Alone Freezer Unit

Here are some of the best product ideas when considering a stand-alone freezer unit, based on popular reviews, for your next purchase.


Frigidaire FFFH17F2QW 34" Upright Freezer with 17 cu. ft. Capacity was ranked top 3 with toptenreviews and top rated overall with reviewed. It is lauded at being affordable and surpasses expectations in freezing applications and preserving food longer.


Whirlpool WZF79R18DM 30" Upright Freezer with 17.7 cu. ft. Capacity rated in as one of five stand-alone freezers that offer smart storage features by consumerreports. This high end option also features an ice cube making option built in.


Frigidaire FFCH16M5QW 56" Chest Freezer with 15.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity acclaimed as the best chest freezer according to consumersearch is able to hold items as large as an entire steer, making it perfect for hunters or folks requiring more freezer storage space.


Summit SCFF51OSSSTB 24" 4.9 cu.ft. Frost-free Operation Upright Built-in Capable Freezer praised for being perfectly sized and convenient for use in home kitchens or outdoor spaces in an honest review by spohome. This compact freezer unit is an ideal consideration for a luxurious addition within a home or commercial setting.

Appliances Connection has a large selection of all the latest and newest freezers with all popular brand names.

Some Practical Advice

Interior light:

This might seem like a simple idea but more often than not, simple ideas are the best ideas. An interior light will effectively allow you to be able to see what you need easily.

Quiet Operation:

Silence is golden and you can’t afford to have a noisy freezer unit if you can avoid it. Worth nothing, self-defrosting units require running the compressor more frequently which means it will produce more noise.

Reliable Operation:

Experts advise that a good freezer should be capable of keeping food frozen for at least 24 hours in the event of a power outage when the unit remains shut.