About Forte

Forté is a company that has been intrinsically intertwined with 20th Century Italian history. The founder, Enzo Scalpini, fled the fascist Mussolini regime for the United States as WWII loomed. There he began a thriving scrap metal business. In his spare moments, he tinkered with the junked appliances that passed through his scrap yard. He learned all about the inner workings of cooktops, ovens, and every other large kitchen appliance.

After the war's end, Scalpini heard news of its ravages in his home country and felt it was his duty to return. He took advantage of reconstruction funds from the Marshall Plan and purchased a factory just outside of Venice. He set about manufacturing some of the finest kitchen appliances in recovering Europe. He called his new company Forté to denote the strength and resilience of Italy.

Now, Forté brings Scalpini's spirit back to the US. At the moment, Forté's main thrust into the American market lies with range hoods. These are beautifully designed with stylistic choices that range from minimalist modern to sophisticated elegance. They're also all highly functional with power 600 CFM extraction rates. Keep checking this space. Forté is soon going to be releasing their full line of kitchen appliances.

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