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FiveStar specializes in producing professional-style ranges for residential use. In addition to their innovative ranges, FiveStar also makes appliances in the other major cooking categories, namely cooktop and range ventilation.

FiveStar offers cooking ranges in various sizes and power options including gas, electric, and dual-fuel ranges. Additionally, the brand allows customization by giving you the option to choose the style, accessories, hood, and trim kit for your unit to create a custom range or cooktop.

FiveStar gas ranges with Ultra High-low sealed burners deliver a power range from 350 to 21,000 BTU. They can boil a large pot of water in just a minute, and simmer the most delicate sauces at the same time. The FiveStar VariFlame Open Burners are equivalent to commercial-style burners, which meet the demands of professional cooks. The FiveStar Open Burner Ranges deliver high heat at 14,000 BTU, and can go down to 400 BTU for a low simmer easily.

FiveStar offers the only professional side by side dual fuel oven design. With Side-by-Side Dual-Fuel Oven from FiveStar, you can roast in the moist heat of the gas oven, while baking in the dry heat of the electric oven simultaneously. Select models come with Turbo-Flow Convection Technology and provide consistent temperature throughout the oven cavity and deliver ultimate cooking performance, decreasing your cooking time by 30 percent.

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