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Fisher Paykel 24 Inch Washer & Dryer Set

Fisher Paykel 24 Inch Washer & Dryer Set

If there's a company that embodies "adaptability," it would be Fisher Paykel. It was founded in New Zealand in the 1930s and began almost as a boutique operation bringing in American appliances such as Crosley refrigerators and Kelvinator washing machines. In 1938, a currency crisis gripped the country which prompted banning the import of foreign manufactured goods. Fisher Paykel's venture into assembling appliances domestically was born of necessity. The New Zealand government still allowed the import of parts and the company could skirt the letter of the law by establishing a factory to construct appliances under the license of foreign brands. These were no cobbled together pieces. Fisher Paykel implemented so many of their own innovations that they emerged as a first-party manufacturer of New Zealand appliances. This commitment to nurturing necessity into brilliance materializes in their newest front-loading washer/dryer set.

WH2424F1 24 Inch Front Load Washer

WH2424F1 24" Front Load Washer

You may find yourself looking forward to laundry day using the WH2424F1 FabricSmart 24" Front Load Washer. Its compact footprint deceptively holds a spacious 2.4 cu ft capacity, enough to accommodate 18 towels. Versatility is this washer's byword with 13 wash options including sanitize, sports, soak, and wool. The wool cycle is just one of the features that sets this washer apart, allowing you to beautifully clean your woolen items without subjecting them to fraying and tufting for which they're so notorious. Four of the wash cycles have the option to employ the Steam pretreating function which opens up fibers within fabrics permitting detergents to permeate and clean thoroughly. When pressed for time, there is a Time Saver option that activates a special temperature profile and tumble sequence that will launder items in less than an hour without sacrificing performance. Did you happen to miss something in the hamper when you first loaded the washer? You may avail yourself of the eminently useful "Add a Garment" button and throw in the errant item anytime in the wash cycle. The apparatus is powered by SmartDrive which uses a Direct Drive motor that minimizes moving parts and makes for a wash with less vibration and noise.

DE4024P1 24 Inch Front Load Electric Dryer

The set is perfectly rounded out with the DE4024P1 Condensing 24" Electric Dryer. Its substantial 4.0 cu ft capacity allows you to transfer your freshly washed laundry with ease and can handle even the most cumbersome loads. There's no sense in your washer being meticulous about properly handling your clothing and linens if your dryer is just going to ham-fistedly tumble them about in high heat with no nuance. That's where the Auto-sensing function comes in. The dryer automatically and adeptly determines the moisture and load level to determine the ideal temperature and timing. No longer will you be dismayed by laundry that is "finished" yet is under-dried and damp or over-dried and crackly. This also keeps your clothing looking better and lasting longer. If even more consideration is needed for delicate items, you can also use an internal drying rack that lets you gently dry without harsh tumbling. Not merely attending to your laundry needs, this dryer uses condensing technology with your health in mind. Removing moisture in this way further reduces allergens released into your laundry compared with a front venting dryer. Allergy sufferers, your sinuses will thank you.

DE4024P1 24 Inch Electric Dryer
Fisher Paykel Set Lifestyle

Compact, Efficient, and Effective

This 24" washer/dryer pair is Fisher Paykel's first entry into the American and Canadian compact laundry trade. True to form, they recognize the market shift toward smaller, more energy efficient appliances. With this set, they take these notions and go full-bore. The units are stackable, further halving their already sparing profile. Being based in New Zealand, Fisher Paykel is well-aware of the environmental impact advanced by major appliances. Thus, they strive to maximize efficiency and sustainability in all their offerings. This set is no exception. Though both appliances are Energy Star rated, Fisher Paykel seeks to go beyond qualifying for a mere sticker. They're constructed with recyclability after the usable life of the appliances being a paramount priority. They've spent 20 years refining Direct Drive motor technology that's become an industry benchmark in efficient laundry appliance operation. Water usage in the washer is 80% less than comparable models. All of this is accomplished without sacrificing ultimate performance for which Fisher Paykel is known.

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