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The modernist furniture movement has its roots in the mid-twentieth century Europe. The famous designs of the Bauhaus were created alongside many of the art masterworks of the era and they are held today as the pinnacle of industrial design, melding form and function in a way that had never been achieved before. It is this rich legacy of modern design that Fine Mod Imports continues to this day.

Fine Mod is an importer of modernist furniture for the home and office. This company uses modern materials like tubular steel, vinyl, and molded plywood to create shapes and forms that are anything but staid. In the living room you can find sleek and comfortable Daybeds and Button Love Seats that bring to mind contemporary visions draped in soft wool or tufted leather. In the dining room your furniture almost disappears in transparent stackable glass and acrylic forms ideal for efficient urban living. You can bring your style to the patio or poolside with Fine Mod import's outdoor line which keep the swinging aesthetic in weather resistant aluminum and vinyl rattan.

It is this diverse portfolio of products that has made Fine Mod Imports the standard-bearer for affordable modern furnishings.

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Flower Series Inner Series Button Series Swan Series Wire Series Flees Series Ox Series Sopada Series WoodLeg Series Pavilion Series Ball Series Woodstring Series Chestfield Series Celona Series Sofata Series Pika Series Twist Series Comfy Series Tribeca Series Libo Series Chester Series Jays Series Wooden Series Lilly Series Grand Series Confreto Series Wing Series Fiesta Series Talix Series Sculpt Series Arch Series Spark Series Rare Series Balloon Series Lem Series Eero Series String Series WireLeg Series Alta Series Bubble Series Elegant Series Forza Series Eco Series Tulip Series Ilan Series Vod Series Dewdrop Series Hansen Series Guchi Series Indent Series Edge Series Vogel Series Estal Series Marshmallow Series Script Series Silverado Series Columbia Series Angle Series Sled Series Zeta Series Fronter Series Squaval Series Luxur Series Crono Series Schnapps Series Eiffel Series Thin Series No Series Woom Series Strap Series Dinata Series Danial Series Ex Series Linder Series Razzle Series Arco Series

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