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Fill Your Home with the Finer Appliances in Life

Fill your home with luxury appliances like these Thermador appliances.

Maybe you've worked hard to get where you are or maybe you haven't. That doesn't really matter. But what does matter is that your requirements are met. At Appliances Connection, we offer top-quality appliances to those who enjoy the finer things in life. So whether you're looking for appliances for your business or your home, you'll find a wide selection of premium products to purchase direct from our website. Here is a list of some of our most sought-after items.

1. VMOC206SS Viking Professional Series Custom Convection Microwave Oven

VMOC206SS Microwave and Other Viking Appliances
Viking VMOC206SS Microwave Oven

This stainless steel microwave oven comes with multiple convection modes such as ConvecBroil, ConvecRoast, ConvecBake, and manual convection to enable you to cook your food to perfection. In fact, you can use this appliance as a second oven as well. Foods that would take a long time to cook in a conventional oven take minutes in this quality appliance, making entertaining guests a breeze. What's more, it also comes with removable multi-cooking racks so you can cook two food items at the same time, and it has a child safety lock to avoid any mishaps.

2. VGIC53616BSS Viking Professional 5 Series 36-Inch Gas Range with VariSimmer Setting and 6 Open Burners - Natural Gas - Stainless Steel

VGIC53616BSS Viking Professional 5 Series 36-Inch Gas Range Closeup
VGIC53616BSS Viking Professional 5 Series 36-Inch Gas Range

This Viking oven is superior to the competition because its Gourmet-Glo Infrared Broiler feature provides intense searing heat for the perfect broil. This feature locks in those food flavors and juices, enabling you to cook five-star restaurant food in your very own kitchen. This exclusive VariSimmer setting applies to all burners, giving an even, gentle simmer at low temperatures. And if that isn't enough, being a Viking model means it comes with its own heat distribution feature: the ProFlow Convection Air Baffle. This feature facilitates balanced air flow, which ensures even and consistent results, bake after bake.

3. IC36FIRH Sub-Zero 36 Inch Built-In Upright Counter Depth Freezer

IC36FIRH Sub-Zero 36 Inch Built-In Upright Counter Depth Freezer
IC36FIRH Sub-Zero 36 Inch Built-In Panel-Ready Freezer

This impressive freezer comes with 20 cubic feet of storage, making it ideal for a large family and those who want to make fewer trips to the supermarket. The Sub-Zero freezer has a smart-touch control panel, so you can control temperatures more accurately. It also has a water filtration system and an automatic ice maker with a max ice feature. There is no doubt that this attractive appliance will enhance your kitchen.

4. Thermador DWHD650JFM Professional Handle and Fully Flush Stainless Steel Panel Dishwasher

This powerful Sapphire 6-program dishwasher is stunning to look at and is similar to having your own perfect kitchen assistant. Washing dishes with great care, this appliance is able to clean even the most delicate crystal and china, and its stainless steel accessory will take care of your silverware.

5. Miele PW6065SS 24 Inch Front Load Washer

Miele PW6065SS 24 Inch Front Load Washer and Matching Dryer
Miele PW6065SS 24 Inch Front Load Washer

This Miele Professional Little Giant Series washing machine is both durable and reliable, designed to last 25,000 operating hours. It comes with 11 wash cycles including express and sanitize for the most thorough clean. This German-designed washing machine can also hold up to 15 pounds of laundry, and its strengthened shock absorbers and bearings are fitted for quiet use.

6. Miele PT7135WH 24 Inch Electric Dryer

Miele PT7135WH 24 Inch Electric Dryer and Matching Washer
Miele PT7135WH 24 Inch Electric Dryer and Matching Washer

This energy-efficient electric dryer boasts precision drying results, which are achieved through the patented Miele PerfectDry system. It also comes with two additional patented features: the honeycomb drum and the extra large filter. The specialized drum dries laundry evenly to iron out any creases, and the large filter captures fluff from numerous drying cycles.

7. MovinCool OFFICEPRO12 Portable Air Conditioner


The MovinCool Office Pro 12 portable room air conditioner works specifically for cooling computers. This appliance is ideal for the office and at home. Office Pro 12 has a programmable digital controller and provides cooling down to 65 degrees Fahrenheit - the perfect temperature for electrical equipment.

8. Majestic MARQ42STIN See-Through Natural Gas Direct Vent Fireplace

Majestic MARQ42STIN Fireplace Gif with Animated Fire
Majestic MARQ42STIN Fireplace

The Marquis II see-through fireplace breathes warm air into your home, keeping everyone comfortable on those cold winter days. The authentic masonry style and accent lighting complement the dancing flames housed in the ClearView ceramic glass. The Marquis II fireplace comes with Intellifire Touch controls so you can operate it with ease; it also has Direct Vent technology, which removes all the combustion exhaust and fumes from your home.

9. Sony XBR77A1E LED TV with 4K HDR

Sony XBR77A1E LED TV with 4K HDR
Sony XBR77A1E LED TV with 4K HDR

This Sony LED TV would make a stunning addition to any home. It boasts more than 8 million self-illuminating pixels that work to deliver exceptional detail, color and contrast on a 77-inch screen. It also comes with Acoustic Surface technology that permits sound to come out of the screen, thereby synchronizing picture and sound quality.

10. Miele 41GPE030USA Vacuum

Miele 41GPE030USA Vacuum

This versatile quiet vacuum has 6 power settings and a specially designed AirClean FilterBag to trap even the smallest dust particles. You can set the wide brush roll at 5 different height adjustments to adapt to the thickness of your carpet. The vacuum also comes with an extra large parquet floor brush that works to gently clean hard surfaces like wood and tile.

We have hundreds of appliances available to purchase online. If you have any questions, simply get in touch with our friendly customer service staff--we're always happy to help.

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