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Faber has been an industry leader, manufacturing high-quality range hoods for over 60 years. The company focuses on developing quality products with innovative designs and features that make them invaluable in the kitchen. Faber manufactures a large variety of range hoods, including wall chimney hoods, island range hoods, under cabinet, built-in range hoods, and downdraft.

Faber chimney wall hoods offer a wide selection of designs with advanced innovations and quiet performance. Designed with halogen lights or energy-efficient LED lights, digital controls, and 600 CFM speed motor, Faber Chimney style hoods provide great value with a premium look for price-conscious consumers.

The built-in range hoods have perfectly finished bottoms to fit in custom cabinets, thereby creating a seamlessly integrated look. This type of models boast halogen lights, baffle grease filters, and a 250 CFM to 600 CFM speed motor. Some models can even extract at a staggering rate of 1200 CFMs.

The brand's Professional-Style Under-Cabinet range hoods provide superior smoke prevention with 600 CFM to 1200 CFM speed pro motors, and beautiful design features like seamless edges, halogen lights, and three-speed slide controls.

Faber also stands apart from other brands with range hood models that feature Variable Air Management (VAM). One of the unintended consequences of the increasing energy efficiency of homes is they've become relatively airtight. This means hoods with excessive power can literally suck the air out of a home, depleting it of oxygen. Consequently, some states have enacted "makeup air codes". Depending on the locale with these codes, hoods with extraction rates above certain CFMs must have the ability to reintroduce fresh outdoor air to the home.

Engineering range hoods to mechanically comply with makeup air codes is complex and expensive. Faber ingeniously came up with a method to allow certain models of hoods to be sold nationwide and circumventing codes through VAM. Depending on local stipulations, these models can have their fan speeds permanently limited to maximum levels of 295 CFMs, 395 CFMs, or 600 CFMs. No matter where a customer is located in the US, if they purchase these models with VAM, they won't have to worry whether they're violating local codes.

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