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Eurodib is a leading distributor of fine kitchen equipment. They specialize in importing European styled food service equipment and supplies from a higher caliber in standards within the market today. Eurodib provides kitchen appliances among the North American market with their offices located in Quebec, Canada and New York. They provide a wide range of kitchen appliances with induction cooktops, wine cooler storage units, fryers, commercial blenders, ice dispensers, vacuum packaging machines, commercial griddles, commercial dishwashers, blast chillers, commercial gyro machines, and many more cooking related appliances and equipment.

Eurodib offers a distinct advantage in kitchen appliances utilizing the latest technology with the newest trends in cooking techniques. With many of today's latest trends in cooking applications and innovations from Europe, the appliances distributed by Eurodib for retailers or made in Italy and France among others. They provide efficient and effective technology in induction cooking, sous-vide cooking and other European originating technique popularly used in commercial kitchens across the States.

Eurodib is dedicated in providing unique and innovative kitchen appliances within a residential and commercial setting. Their European styled appliances are a convenient yet practical approach for any kitchen enabling a higher productivity and optimal results. For discerning culinary enthusiasts are seasoned chefs, Eurodib offers kitchen appliances to satisfy the latest trends in cooking applications.

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