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ESF manufactures high-quality European-style furniture that's competitively priced and timelessly stylish. You'll find everything you'll need to completely reinvent your living space in ESF's product lineup. From bedroom furniture to home decor, ESF knows how to highlight the key details that truly make a piece of furniture shine as both a functional and fashionable item in the home. ESF furniture comes in a range of colors from classic browns to bold reds that will blend in or make a statement, depending upon your personal style.

ESF has several collections that have been curated to give you a complete new look that's cohesive and beautiful, from the chairs and tables, to the storage and stands. Each collection is unique and offers a variety of styles, though all are European inspired. The ESF Aida Collection, for example is ornate and luxurious with it's dark colors and gold or silver pattern detailing. The Aida collection is complete with desks, chairs, nightstands, mirrors, beds, wardrobes and more; everything you need to create your own dream bedroom. The Twist Collection offers a modern take on a simple design by playing with forms and shapes to create a curve dresser that's eye-catching, yet toned-down.

They also have regal yet rustic designs that are crafted to mimic the feeling of old-style Walnut furnishings, with a regal twist through thin floral detailing, layered and curving forms, and minimal hardware in the Milady Collection. In short, ESF offers something for everyone and you'll easily refurnish an entire room within budget with these high-quality and affordable pieces. ESF has made it their goal to survey global trends and bring the best of those styles into your home, one piece of perfected furniture at a time.

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