Ellas Bubbles

The very beginnings of Ella's Bubbles were inspired when founder Laimonis Magone was spending a fine summer day with his family, and witnessed his daughter, Ella, frolicking in a kiddie pool with a bottle of children's soap bubbles in her hand. She then began blowing bubbles all around her, and Laimonis quickly snapped a photograph to perserve that wonderful moment. And at that moment, Ella became the inspiration and muse for the company her father would soon build.

For Laimonis Magone recognized the possibilities of combining new technologies to a typically idle bathroom fixture, as well as considering the future of walk-in bathtubs used by those who needed the additional support and security of a seating element within the bathtub itself. Especially in the realm of their use as therapeudic baths which could be relaxing, healing, and healthful for people of any age. To this end, Laimonis used his background in engineering and design skills to re-image the concept of the residential whirlpool and walk-in bath market, and launched his own company concentrating on walk-in bathtub development, production, and distribution in North America in 2005.

Every aspect of Ella's Bubbles products are infused with a passion for innovation, offering a unique ablution experience for all who use their bathtubs. Featuring such benefits gorgeous acrylic finishes, strategically placed jets, and independently operated foot massagers. They also offer such features as Infusion Microbubble Therapy, patented unique swivel trays, and even two-seat options. All of their products are manufactured and tested at their Chicago headquarters, while their premium UL Certified components are supplied by a partner corporation in California. The result is a comforting, soothing spa experience users can look forward to whenever they want.

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