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ELK Lighting

ELK Group International is headquartered in the US. It is a premier designer, manufacturer and importer of outdoor and indoor residential, designer and commercial lighting fixtures, furniture, and decorative accessories. The company is compose of an award winning party of international engineers and designers that make sure each product is made with uncompromosing detail and unparalleled design. ELK was founded in 1983 and has been distributing more than 9,000 products under ELK Lighting, Dimond Home, Dimond Lighting, GuildMaster, Sterling, and Cornerstone. Its products are available at a network of furniture and lighting showrooms, electrical wholesale distributors, specialty home improvement companies, and department stores throughout the world.

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ELK Lighting Product Series

Hand Formed Glass Series Palacial Series Chadwick Series Boudreaux Series Pendant Options Series Pandora Series Capri Series Illusions Series Watersphere Series Alora Series Pannelli Series Lindsey Series Elizabethan Series Vines Series Barrel Series Yardley Series Walton Series Crislett Series Xenia Series Lagoon Series Hammered Glass Series Morph Series Agate Stones Series ZeeStick Series Socketholder Series Riley Series Jaelyn Series Victoriana Series Delphine Series Earth Series Diffusion Series Merida Series Armand Series Asbury Series Coastal Inlet Series Crenshaw Series Gramercy Series Opulence Series Mix-N-Match Series Ansegar Series Sutter Creek Series Villiska Series Naples Series Weatherly Series Stasis Series Collanino Series Fusion Series Kelsey Series Tallula Series Rosslyn Series Compartir Series Geringer Series Freeform Series ZeeLite Series Rutherford Series Corrugated Steel Series Crested Butte Series Zabrina Series CIRCEO Series Bergamo Series Cast Iron Pipe Series Urban Form Series Modley Series Fairfax Series Revelo Series English Pub Series Ashland Series Axis Series Menlow Park Series Ocotillo Series LED bulbs Series Cubic Ice Series Farmhouse Series Kersey Series Evolve Series Clausten Series Manhattan Boutique Series Binghamton Series Ezra Series Pemlico Series Heathrow Series Brookweiler Series Ramsey Series Ensley Series Robins Series Beverly Hills Series Crystal Ring Series Melinda Series Abaca Series Weaverton Series Ridgecrest Series Hamel Series Jackson Series Stanton Series Beaufort Series Aspire Series Wooden Barrel Series Snowburst Series Bianca Series Tessa Series Ethan Series Crosshatch Series Dubois Series Flushmounts Series Morning Frost Series Spindle Wheel Series Collective Series Beehive Series Kempton Series Onion Series Culmination Series Vesta Series Chandette Series Ravette Series Sojourn Series Spatter Series Renaissance Series Structure Series Crystique Series Vernon Series Meditterano Series Radiance Series Serai Series Tulare Series Whisp Series Copperhead Series Volace Series Illuminessence Series Glitzy Series Stix Series Aubridge Series East Point Series Crystal Heights Series Fulton Series Main Street Series Plated Rings Series Bremington Series Belmont Series Emory Series Connor Series Borg Series Riveted Plate Series Murieta Series Swirl Series Bradington Series Melvin Series Williamson Series Muncie Series Natural Rope Series Mirage Series Woodbridge Series Transitions Series Breckenridge Series Zigzag Series Tremont Series Liz Series Mandeville Series Capsula Series Tabor Series Equilibrium Series Satin Veil Series Brimley Series Modern Organics Series La Rochelle Series Brighton Series Genevieve Series Concentric Series Globes of Light Series Lexington Avenue Series Spencer Series Glass Symphony Series Stradelli Series Radnor Series Lightway Series Crosby Series Pemberton Series San Sebastian Series Summerton Series Brewster Series Calipsa Series Porto Cristo Series Erindale Series Newcastle Series Millville Series Renford Series Lavique Series Serendipity Series Christina Series Braddock Series Angus Series Barnside Series Neo Classica Series Dione Series Crossbeam Series Southwick Series Cubic Glass Series Crestler Series Parson Series Transit Series Crystal Web Series Radley Series Valante Series Solitude Series Seaport Series Lamplighter Series Geosphere Series Vincentown Series Stone Manor Series Briggs Series Solara Series Torch Series Barrow Series Rivona Series Girard Series Lanesboro Series Livingston Series Cottage Series Delray Series Minersville Series Crystal Falls Series Ceramique Series Hooper Series Wellsley Series Cristallo Fiore Series Carrington Series Crofton Series Giovanna Series Elk Series Sturgis Series Beaumont Series Wexford Series Cambria Series Wickshire Series Salinger Series Refraction Series Renninger Series Oriah Series Anguluxe Series Clayton Series Inversion Series Camley Series Brooksdale Series Filmore Series Flora Grace Series Daisy Series Connelly Series Williston Series Rigby Series Ramira Series Reflections Series Caldwell Series ZeeLED Pro Series Winter's Spray Series Loringdale Series Kendrix Series Windsor Series Katania Series Halstead Series Decatur Series Bergenline Series Gemelo Series Copley Series Bakersfield Series Dillon Series Owen Series Balcony Series Emode Series StarLight Series Devonshire Series Crown Series Brocca Series Cortlandt Series Bartram Series Planetario Series Window Pane Series Optix Series Barro Series Knowlton Series Nadina Series Lakeshore Drive Series Crisanta Series Sphere Series Huarco Series Pleasant Fields Series Winterlude Series Brant Series Vorticy Series Flare Series Caliper Series Vandon Series Gridiron Series Matilda Series Baxter Series Bridgette Series Sprigny Series Lexicon Series Alton Road Series Platform Series Springvale Series Meadowland Series Cambridge Series Blakeslee Series Claro Series Torque Series Glencoe Series Disco Series Gordon Series Kendal Series McKenzie Series Leland Series Millington Series Ridley Series Chamelon Series Canopies Series Laguna Beach Series Eastgate Series Irvine Series Carbondale Series Cirrus Series Shinzu Series Beckley Series Stratham Series Lisbon Series Hotelier Series Combo Series Monroe Series Overton Series Vinton Station Series Tetra Series Trenton Series Waterbury Series Palm Fronds Series Andalusia Series Madison Series Zeeline Series Seneca Falls Series Layers Series Seaway Passage Series Chronology Series Gridlock Series Carriage Light Series Minden Series Luna Series Corisande Series Wembley Series Ophelia Series Gilbert Series Plano Series Moderno Series Contours Series Talia Series Piper Series Diamond Pleat Series Industrial Cage Series Kiara Series Chandra Series Bulbs Series Vellis Series Crowley Series Turbulence Series Timberwood Series Glendon Series Derry Hill Series Embro Series Alexandra Series Mullen Gate Series Josie Series Stratus Series Clasped Glass Series Congruency Series North Haven Series Searsport Series Brandon Series Desiree Series Janis Series Glass Tower Series Langhorn Series Lucian Series Barringer Series Marchland Series Monserrat Series Sheena Series Holbrook Series Bixler Series Shannon Series Utica Series Modish Series Croftwell Series Towne Series Crossbar Series Hollywood Blvd. Series Frozen Cascade Series Portico Series Adam Series Chasebrook Series Verannis Series Digby Series Ambler Series Arabesque Series Heritage Hills Series Cloe Series Zinger Series Captiva Series Coby Series Adriano Series Vindalia Series Sheffield Series Hazelton Series Twist Series Coastal Scallop Series Nescott Series Bernice Series Toby Series San Mateo Series Schoolhouse Series Queen Crown Series Ebbtide Series Driftwood Cove Series Whirlwind Series Amherst Series Sabrina Series Hyde Park Series Hampstead Series Restoration Series Lyndon Series Gloucester Series Sweetwater Series Maxfield Series Salisbury Series Nature's Collage Series Bamboo Nest Series Beaker Series Rondell Series Cameron Series Cusp Series Jenning Series Placid Series Lineo Series Davenport Series Lacombe Series Ramp Series Clancy Series Estonia Series Glasgow Series Herndon Series Crystal Branches Series Long Cylinder Series Century Series Ellipsa Series Lewisburg Series Parameters Series Rover Series Calabria Series Jenna Series Lakeland Series Constructs Series Sylvanna Series Channing Series Duvoux Series Elysburg Series Barrie Series Plandome Series Gabrielle Series Amore Series Ridgeview Series Estacada Series Loftin Series Regency Series Roebling Series Zumbia Series Vershire Series Parallax Series Spring Series Ellicott Series Danica Series Santa Barbara Series Elia Series Bolero Series Spanish Alabaster Series Loughton Series Cycloid Series Exitor Series Dutchess Series Magnum Series Belgique Series Port O'Connor Series Gemlette Series Sydney Series Chromia Series Sticks Series Mullica Series Hunley Series Dayton Series Bennington Series Roubaix Series Santa Fe Series Starburst Series Double Cylinder Series Sylvester Series Riverflow Series Jake Series Garvey Series Pelham Series Jausten Series Matterhorn Series Slide Series Synchronis Series Darlene Series Pierre Series Stagecoach Series Kerin Series Spun Aluminum Series Braxton Series Surrey Series La Crescita Series Ocular Series Quebec Series Livonia Series Brillare Series Jariah Series Lineage Series Ombra Series Decostar Series Billiard Motif Series Jonas Series Castle Series

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