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ELK Home

Headquartered in Nesquehoning, PA, Elk Group International is a premier manufacturer of lighting fixtures, decorative accessories, and furniture pieces. Their award-winning team of international designers and engineers create coordinating products with uncompromising detail while ensuring each item is crafted to exceptionally high standards of quality, innovation, and design. They have worked painstakingly to create collections that feature distinct aesthetics including Dimond, GuildMaster, and Couture into one powerful brand.

Combining the beauty of nature and the elegance of modern design, the superior craftsmanship of Elk Home products creates enchanting furnishings and accessories that will surely set the right ambiance in any home. Their varied selection includes decorative accessories, indoor and outdoor furniture, indoor and outdoor lighting, seating, and wall décor. Elk Home prides itself on telling stories of nature through its inspiring designs that brim with life.

Whatever your preferences, Elk Home hosts a wide variety of products that imbue your home with a dynamic, natural look. Combine fire and water with a shock rock candle holder that uses sculpted stone to mimic the look of fractured sea ice. Decorate your couch with a comfy grey ski pillow made of 100% lamb fur and polyester. Store your personal items in a 3-door cabinet with a blue agate finish resembling the splash of ocean waves. With a stand resembling a tree trunk framed by a metal wrapped tabletop "canopy", a teak root dining table will surely liven up your outdoor patio.

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ELK Home Product Series

Chadwick Series Milan Series Boudreaux Series Palacial Series Capri Series Classico Series Hammered Glass Series Gabby Series Elizabethan Series Elysburg Series Abaca Series Farmhouse Series FUSION Series Jackson Series Starburst Series Arco Baleno Series CIRCEO Series Danica Series Hand Formed Glass Series Rutherford Series Avalon Series Asbury Series Menlow Park Series Pannelli Series Xenia Series English Pub Series Watersphere Series Delphine Series Coppa Series Julian Series Pandora Series Lagoon Series Armand Series Kersey Series Vesta Series Homestead Series Williamsport Series Ciotola Series Galaxy Series Moravian Star Series Brigantine Series Sabine Series Refraction Series Restoration Series Low Voltage Series Hartford Series Oakland Series Piatto Series Mix-N-Match Series Buro Series BROMO Series Cecil Series Beckett Series Crislett Series Bianca Series Cono Series Renaissance Invention Series Caroline Series Crenshaw Series Checkmate Series Pulsate Series Fantania Series Oak Park Series Diffusion Series Sophie Series Fairbanks Series Kiser Series Beaufort Series Transitions Series Geringer Series Teak Series Mulinello Series Conway Series Ashford Series Calistoga Series Greer Series Brison Series Continuance Series Vines Series Eastport Series Fulton Series Collanino Series Flushmounts Series Neville Series Coastal Inlet Series Lightweave Series Cristallo Fiore Series Pierra Series Kirkdale Series Mid Century Schoolhouse Series Crested Butte Series Insulator Glass Series Sutter Creek Series Hoyle Series Langford Series Brookville Series Regency Series Cassandra Series Holgate Series Amherst Series Bella Series Croftwell Series Aurora Series Flora Grace Series Sawyer Series Mariani Series East Point Series Onion Series Califon Series Sunset Harbor Series Jacobs Series Fitzroy Series Ramsey Series Summit Place Series Prestige Series Nancy Series Faye Series Davenay Series West End Series Gemstone Series Clausten Series Beverly Hills Series Snowburst Series Tidewaters Series Jaelyn Series Calder Series Belen Series Chelsea Series Grenville Series Ravendale Series Holdfast Series Lindsey Series Heathrow Series Seville Series Zayne Series Salamanca Series Armstrong Grove Series Module Series Hawking Series Dawson Series Swirl Series Ice Fragments Series Formade Crystal Series Belmar Series Haralson Series Swingarms Series Crafton Series Barringer Series Main Street Series Hopkins Series Solace Series Pittman Series Foundation Series Spun Aluminum Series Brighton Series Andalusia Series Woodland Sunrise Series Riverview Series Heritage Series Morris Series Rustica Series Naples Series Meditterano Series Cynthia Series Cheswick Series Lungo Series Astoria Series Cira Series Glendale Series Breckenridge Series Woodbridge Series Seaport Series White Stone Series Millburn Series Breezeway Series Knox Series Crystal Bay Series Pelham Series Huntington Series Tanis Series Merida Series Compartir Series Noura Series Joanie Series Rockport Series Sutter Series Urban Form Series Gladwyn Series Rydell Series Braddock Series Engel Series Marquis Series Raina Series Square Linen Series Layers Series Pemberton Series Natural Rope Series Maze Series Verona Series Molten Series Rotunde Series Robinson Series Valerie Series Booth Series Mendoza Series Crystique Series Dorus Series Marina Series Rogers Series Novelty Series Celia Series Pendenza Series Angus Series Twister Series Forme Series Manhattan Boutique Series Williamson Series Forged Jefferson Series Merrick Series Formations Series Christina Series Pembroke Series Roseden Court Series Oval Pebble Series Gloucester Series Casual Mission Series Blain Series Schoolhouse Series Burrow Series Norwich Series Fabric Cylinders Series Urbanite Series Sea Urchin Series Prosper Series Newland Series Cape May Series Teak Root Series Cedar Park Series Boyer Series Lakeshore Drive Series Crystal Series Vergato Series Elk Series Calamar Series Linden Manor Series Orbital Series Stone Manor Series Sandstone Series Tahoe Series Muncie Series Teardrop Series Spindle Wheel Series Halford Series Skye Series Designer Classics Series Newcastle Series Pemlico Series Adler Series Earth Series Barcelona Series Vivica Series French Parlor Series Bristol Series Risley Series Cambridge Series Livingston Series Utica Series Harmelin Series Seashore Series Ethan Series Geosphere Series Ensley Series Iridescence Series Treme Series Sinclair Series Sands Point Series Bremington Series Decostar Series Mini Vortex Series Logansport Series Horn Series Clayton Series Yava Series Mela Series Rosslyn Series Barone Series Les Revoires Series Guilford Series Lanesboro Series Haney Series Augusta Series Belle Series Granite Series Ringlets Series Minersville Series Optix Series Barrow Series Huarco Series Fissure Series Chandette Series Retro Rings Series Mission Series Erindale Series Ofelia Series Outdoor Essentials Series Triumph Series Melinda Series Tia Series Illusions Series Vincentown Series Somerville Series Tallula Series Celene Series Smithfield Series Martin Series Emily Series Solomon Series Current Series Murtha Series Cast Iron Pipe Series Roker Series Empire Series Davenport Series Canyon Series Bryant Series Nelly Series Summerton Series Comtesse Series Preston Series Hummingbird Series Weaverton Series Mulberry Lane Series Equilibrium Series Renninger Series Village Lantern Series Cambria Series Albany Series Vellus Series Vorticy Series Bedford Series Volace Series Raven Series Strie Series Torque Series Webb Series Forged Brookridge Series Acadia Series Berwick Series Conrad Series Causeway Series Curvato Series Camarena Series Braxton Series PELI Series Spanish Villa Series Ferraro Series Liliaceae Series Shadow Series Carrick Series Brooksdale Series Westbrook Series Villoy Series Riley Series Thane Series Lewisburg Series Copley Series Lamplighter Series Millfield Series Quinton Parlor Series Coletta Series Marin Series Filigree Series Open Louvers Series Doyle Series Pantheon Series Bynum Series Joyner Series Winslow Series Seaway Passage Series Radiance Series Silhouette Series Saginaw Series Sprigny Series Annie Series Attune Series Barro Series Whitmire Series Trustle Series Lafayette Series Abilene Series Bridgette Series Beni Series Coastal Farm Series Buckingham Series Planetario Series Council Series Wickshire Series Katelyn Series Martcliff Series Lumino Series Citron Series Hollywell Series Searsport Series Brewer Series Claro Series Impression Series Socket Pendant Series Basics Series Crystal Branches Series Muriel Series Forged Provincial Series Colorfield Series Gilman Series Quinn Series Kendrix Series Clearwater Series Hamel Series Harwell Series Cavendish Series Rio Series Alina Series Corin Series Millville Series Colorwave Series Louisville Series Scribing Series Kanso Series Melton Series Delia Series Capello Series Greek Key Series Ulla Series Delk Series Burton Series Free Form Series Beckwith Series Hush Series Tucker Series Dalton Series Lore Series Val de Loire Series Bristol Way Series Hawthorne Series Trevot Series Market Square Series Neutro Series White Burlap Series GuildMaster Series Lifestyle Series Connection Series Catalonia Series Minerva Series Salinger Series Gavin Series Caldwell Series Transit Series Agnes Series Cone Series Ridgecrest Series Broome Series Eastwood Series Ostendo Series L E D Mirror Series Trinity Series Ellen Series Modern America Series Colony Series Selene Series Rollins Series Derry Hill Series Eastbrook Series Geologic Series Willow Series Hawick Series Indaal Series Cork County Series Spiritus Series Tulare Series Dream Catcher Series Daro Series Foyer Series Fisher Island Series Delmont Series Solitude Series Otto Series Judy Series Orlean Series Oriah Series Moondance Series Dragonfly Series Riven Series Jergen Series Structure Series Robins Series Sally Series Regalia Series Dione Series Leon Series Daisy Series La Rochelle Series Serena Series Kelly Series Torch Series Hargen Series Brant Series Sellen Series Edward Series Vickers Series Jaffe Series Tuxedo Series Moffat Series Abbington Series Wembley Series Concentric Series Simpson Series Lena Series Morely Series Springfield Series Wine Lighting Series Penbrook Series Hager Series Hamy Series Dunn Series Leona Series Pepper Series Genevieve Series Turbulence Series Simone Series Better Ending Series Modish Series Aqueduct Series Katania Series Spring Lake Series Lawrence Series Talia Series Banded Shade Series Scone Series Bangle Series Revelo Series Brinicle Series Deltaville Series Berk Series Dressler Series Portside Series Barden Series Jordrock Series Doric Series Gisli Series Ridgewood Series Cubed Series Punk Series French Connection Series Slatington Series Glennon Series Farmstead Series Kent Series Carriage Light Series Derry Series Surf Series Haweswater Series Flex Series Hammered Home Series Shaffer Series blade Series Glendon Series Weston Series Alva Series Curve Series Scott Series Fioritura Series Bobby Series Wellsley Series Blakeslee Series Musee Series Brendon Series Olmedo Series Angie Series Serengeti Series Renaissance Series Orinoco Series Contour Series Fagan Series Temple Hill Series Ashe Series Gridlock Series Lyric Series Riviera Series Caleb Series Clark Series Light Streak Series Irvine Series Clement Series Skillet Series Jewelstone Series Breeze Series Shannon Series Bahama Series Gabe Series Eleni Series Glass Knots Series Frost Series Modena Series Caliza Series Fowler Series Moravian Series Ramsay Series Minimalist Series Arcas Series Maritime Series Zoe Series AGGIE Series Wikshire Series Tangent Series Line in the Sand Series Venue Series Dare Series Arne Series Duncan Series Jonas Series Rendra Series Rawmarsh Series Diamond Pleat Series Oneka Series Felicity Series Cogar Series Renford Series Cloe Series Farmington Series Mayfield Series Alys Series Grange Series Wentworth Series Stanton Series North Shore Series Piedmont Series Abstractions Series Emmett Series Shaker Heights Series Hourglass Series Synapse Series Clip Series Arabesque Series Harding Series Agna Series Linder Series Villette Series Brooke Series Tellis Series Gallemore Series Heritage Hills Series Providence Series Calm Series Locksmith Series Madeline Series Wire Series Terrell Series Breaker Series Charlotte Series Drue Series Brillare Series Ashland Series Milla Series Coastal Series Curiosity Series Cooper Series Crosspiece Series Crofton Series Cy Series Hollywood Blvd Series Loch Seaforth Series Coastal Scallop Series Wavertree Series Crystal Heights Series Joffe Series Cubo Series Pleasant Fields Series Calla Series Square to Round Series Illuminessence Series Riverrun Series Five Boroughs Series Albert Series Matterhorn Series Island Cane Series Aspire Series Openwork Series Eilat Series Gio Series Regard Series Seneca Series Dovetail Series Horizon Series Ridge Series Marty Series Claire Series Cirq Series Blue Seagrass Series Ceramique Series Chaumont Series Cottage Series Raya Series Camden Series Baitz Series Tea Service Series Star Series Lupin Series Caicos Series Solea Series Oasis Series Vineyard Series Reflections Series Zander Series Archean Series Tremont Series Ramira Series Avery Series Homer Series Lilypad Series Epping Avenue Series Eko Series Erin Series ANNETTA Series Chandra Series Sempre Series Celadon Series Slice Series Mechanist Series Gilbert Series Bowman Series Hendricks Series Amplitude Series Cabello Series Neal Series Whitmore Series Tultui Series Flynn Series Kirkover Series Torny Series Vivo Series Netta Series Stripe Wood Series Gabrielle Series Abbey Lane Series Girard Series Windley Series Dido Series River Wood Series Opal Series Danique Series Diplomat Series Booker Series Softshot Series Crystalline Series Brentford Series Kline Series Adara Series Habel Series Salient Series Bowen Series Merrell Series Marks Series Lanier Series Natures Collage Series Dromos Series Luna Series Leonard Series Chromia Series Corsica Series Benner Series Camora Series Saint Louis Heights Series Cobia Series REYNOLDS Series Serenity Series Carter Series Acis Series Hawley Series Crystal Ring Series Northcott Series Upright Series Gusto Series Lankford Series Weller Series Attwood Series MatriX Series Gold Cane Series Oak Botanic Series Octagonal Stripe Series Salt Rim Series Canter Series Tammy Series Oria Series Apollo Series Picfair Series Tripp Series Jausten Series Messe Series Bergenline Series Palmer Series Beyer Series Corrugated Steel Series Keir Series Thurman Series Urban Lodge Series Liz Series Ribbon Series The Holding Series Louver Series Brushstroke Series Leddy Series Bienvenu Decorative Series Collier Series Clarion Series Stilton Series Paradigm Series Winterberry Series Lush Series Nyla Series Dien Series Abby Series Pollard Series Corre Series Whimsical Elegance Series Gentong Series Duke Series Air Loom Series Drake Series Dakota Series Loughton Series Pavit Series Carling Series Gramercy Series Sixpenny Series Alcazaba Series Wefen Series Bonnie Series McNally Series Mountain Creek Series Darlene Series Algernon Series Arch Series Chatham Series Mother of Pearl Series Sea Garden Series Rustic Series Mullen Gate Series Oxford Series Nadina Series Gosforth Series Bernice Series Gridiron Series Sweetwater Series Virtuoso Series Ekwok Series Dovas Series Holset Series Nelson Series Clancy Series Obsidian Series Ceiling Essentials Series Leo Series Aspen Bark Series Rush Series Lucas Series Red Coral Series Lydia Series Avenal Series Oreja Series Gresham Series Squashcourt Series Gazelle Horns Series Leaf Shadow Series Couture Covers Series Amore Series Trussed Series Mercury Glass Series Bradington Series Joanne Series Chrysler Series G nther Series Theo Series Blythe Series Cigar Series Manly Series Goodell Series Junia Series Moderno Series Marc Series Salford Series Staffa Series Coral Series Armil Series Islamorada Series Sollis Series Precious Series Chesapeake Series Morning Star Series Moss Series Elias Series Twilight Series Covington Series Brinson Series Ural Series Josie Series Brent Series Dunne Series Raja Series Port Elizabeth Series Coastal Breeze Series Rabel Series Konis Series Glass Series Dove Series Joey Series Seaton Series Serendipity Series Morley Series Millner Series Amigo Series Ciro Series Row Series Peckham Series Joseph Series Chasebrook Series Beaconsfield Series Ombra Series Ingelside Series Beck Series Marla Series Medford Series Redmond Series Big Sky Series Copas Series Orlando Series Bronson Series Gloria Series White Ceramic Series Wilder Series Charbin Series Elliot Bay Series Alston Series Regus Series Stellenbosch Series Markham Series Killam Series Hotelier Series Lewis Series PIERRE Series Seymour Series Lunaria Series Paloma Series Mapped Series Vinton Station Series Scarab Series Ice Blocks Series Land to Air Series Alden Series Baxter Series Spindrift Series Cambeck Series Broad Street Series Nico Series Gregg Series Petal Series Celsius Series Evening Sky Series Anderson Series Penny Series Causeway Waters Series Jaycee Series Park Slope Series Casio Series Jenna Series Glass Bottle Series Ross Series Merge Series Priorato Series Cognate Series Maynard Series Ridley Series Lorens Series Drift Bundle Series Evans Series Houghton Series Connexions Series Mullica Series Bradley Series Tollington Series Gibbs Series Hobart Series Fairfax Series Castile Series New Orleans Series Severus Series Della Series Boyd Series Cline Series Opal Ring Series Harnessed Series Burgess Series Sommieres Series Larkin Series Riva Series Calabar Series Bindan Series Finley Series Gianni Series Robbins Series Carolton Series Hollum Series Belmont Series Tika Series Meymac Series St. Croix Series Hughes Series Seneca Falls Series Graham Series Emode Series Lombard Series Tower Plaza Series Bodil Series Wooden Tripod Series Northport Series Shagreen Series Disa Series Brady Series Alexis Series Eaton Series Elroy Series Sureshot Series Montpelier Series Bourne Series Cenon Series Desiree Series Fino Series Ren Series Bromley Series Yardley Series Copperas Cove Series Roubaix Series Conduit Series Tempest Series Badlands Series Scotch Mist Series Athena Series Billings Series Reciprocate Series Elipse Series Lyndon Series Mills Series Cicely Series Stanley Series Bartram Series Haight Series Hodge Series Hedrick Series Caliente Series Splay Series Dexter Series Solara Series Split Series Maria Series Sprinkle Series Hodges Series Shelby Series Parker Series Three Bird Light Series Arendell Series Hammered Chrome Series Allen Series Manor Series TOPHER Series Encore Series Brillis Series Stockyard Series Addis Series Whitepark Bay Series Box Series Laguna Beach Series Musa Series Swerve Series Catana Series Los Olivos Series Galen Series Congruency Series Babin Series Aria Series Signe Series Aston Series Kidshine Series Emslie Series Sunsphere Series Amulet Series StarLight Series Casta Series Collective Series Ellis Series Monica Series Midnight Marble Series Lineo Series Brocca Series Bell Jar Series Smoked Glass Series Casual Traditions Series Glenn Series Carr Series Harlech Series Equus Series LEXIE Series Modern Blush Series Whiten Series Blanc Abstract Series Ohara Series Bailey Series Wexford Series Tonga Series Larocca Series Avonmead Series Carson Series Bamboo Series Campbell Series Stonewall Series Lorne Series Asanso Series Piston Series Depiction Series Reef Series Botanical Study Series Marko Series Frozen Cascade Series Constructs Series Helensville Series Cornice Series San Mateo Series Sidway Series Bergen Series Camley Series Tula Series Valante Series Lindhurst Series Pennywell Series Playa Linda Series Garity Series Palermo Series Orme Series Hazelton Series Avrea Series Sprout Series Radnor Series Ogee Series Cape Sable Series Pedraza Series Barish Series Dunkirk Series Toleno Series Husk Series Sycamore Hill Series Zinger Series Sterling Series Alvin Series Latham Series Sven Series Metal Cloud Series Anders Series Terra Series Trenton Series Carus Series Daphne Cove Series Pill Series Arcadia Series Devon Series Bowie Bloom Series Curzon Series Atlas Series Loop Series Brass Giraffe Series Zoetrope Series Blue Planetary Series Eclipse Series BENNETT Series Sofia Series Cirrus Series Keewaydin Series Luke Series Bartlet Fields Series Minato Series Talus Series Fluted Ceramic Series Livina Series Lambert Series Kinsley Series Obelisk Series Hurst Series Innwood Series Betty Series Twickenham Series Okin Series Key Series Don Series Elia Series Babcock Series Carrington Series SimpleWeave Series Logan Square Series Wooden Brace Series Genesis Series Modern Organics Series Colton Series Thrushcross Series Hansen Series Filament Bulbs Series Pillar Series St. Kitts Series Cadiz Series Cannery Row Series
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