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ELK Home

Headquartered in Nesquehoning, PA, Elk Group International is a premier manufacturer of lighting fixtures, decorative accessories, and furniture pieces. Their award-winning team of international designers and engineers create coordinating products with uncompromising detail while ensuring each item is crafted to exceptionally high standards of quality, innovation, and design. They have worked painstakingly to create collections that feature distinct aesthetics including Dimond, GuildMaster, and Couture into one powerful brand.

Combining the beauty of nature and the elegance of modern design, the superior craftsmanship of Elk Home products creates enchanting furnishings and accessories that will surely set the right ambiance in any home. Their varied selection includes decorative accessories, indoor and outdoor furniture, indoor and outdoor lighting, seating, and wall décor. Elk Home prides itself on telling stories of nature through its inspiring designs that brim with life.

Whatever your preferences, Elk Home hosts a wide variety of products that imbue your home with a dynamic, natural look. Combine fire and water with a shock rock candle holder that uses sculpted stone to mimic the look of fractured sea ice. Decorate your couch with a comfy grey ski pillow made of 100% lamb fur and polyester. Store your personal items in a 3-door cabinet with a blue agate finish resembling the splash of ocean waves. With a stand resembling a tree trunk framed by a metal wrapped tabletop "canopy", a teak root dining table will surely liven up your outdoor patio.

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ELK Home Product Series

Teak Series Moravian Star Series Renaissance Invention Series Couture Covers Series Dimond Series Modena Series Vergato Series Crystal Series A Design Space Oddysey Series Abbey Lane Series Glass Series Farmhouse Series Bedford Series Driftwood Series Halisham Series GuildMaster Series Donora Series Martcliff Series Continuum Series Big Sky Series Glass Bottle Series Port Elizabeth Series Artifacts Series Moravian Series Punk Series Socket Pendant Series Diplomat Series Waterfront Series Circa Series Katwijk Series Avant Series Elysburg Series Whitepark Bay Series Lancaster Series Heritage Series Manor Series Riverrun Series Lightly Series Tamara Series Millfield Series Hammered Glass Series Wavertree Series Ekwok Series Moondance Series Sands Point Series Cubo Series Accent Table Series Bridgestone Series Queen of Connacht Series Caned Series Rochefort Series Yava Series Fairlawn Series Functional Tripod Series Downtown Series Obelisk Series St. Kitts Series Girl Series White Ceramic Series Caicos Series Vivo Series Selsey Series Handpainted Wall Art Series Syren Series Openwork Series Castile Series Spiritus Series Fizz Series Logan Square Series Nassau Series Horn And Bone Series Celadon Series Minoa Series Cape Sable Series Aphrodisia Series Ribbed Glass Series Natural Shell Series Corsage Series Edenbridge Series Bareback Pillow Series Assissi Series Cielo Series Ribbed Gourd Series Gower Street Series Five-O Series Villoy Series Wrapped Rope Series Klad Series Appleton Series Hatteras Series Corvallis Series Salford Series Avonmead Series Mosaic Series Hand Series Modern Vase Series Vanish Series Lightning Rod Series Red Coral Series Duchess Series Elliot Bay Series Hush Series Wire Series Elmira Series Finesse Series Kline Series Woven Ceramic Series Mercury Glass Series Five Boroughs Series Avalon Series Andover Series Elemis Series Organic Flowers Series Windley Series Stellenbosch Series Aqua Swirl Series Banded Shade Series Apres-ski Series Urban Woods Series Stanton Series French Lick Series Wooden Tripod Series Bamboo Series Del Mar Series Curvy Glass Series Heavy Petting Series Julep Series Attwood Series Dromos Series Beachcomber Series Mother of Pearl Series Metal Cloud Series Luzerne Series Claire Series Starburst Series Fluted Ceramic Series Pin Stripe Bone Series Trinity Series Sixpenny Series Mediterranean Series Evans Series Sutter Series EQUITY Series Key Series Sybil Series Albiera Series Line in the Sand Series Harmony Series Cupertino Series Sunsphere Series Rubric Series Aviation Series Cash Series Knole Park Series Bang Series Bronze Stem Series Beaufort Series Brussels Series Leadenhall Series Better Ending Series Savoie Series Ballantine Series Glass Knots Series Coastal Colors Series Penn Series Narragansett Series Sophie Series Zsa Zsa Series Early Light Series Padua Series Penbrook Series Black Tie Series Kingsroad Series Rudolfo Series Menagerie Series Roxie Series Naxos Series Salt Rim Series Kingdom Series Barbados Series Betty Series Andy Series Icy Reception Series Gusto Series Playa Linda Series Polaris Series Grange Series Allcott Series Dovetail Series Such Teeth Series Roadshow Series Mountain Creek Series Winterfell Series Sands Series Precious Series Chrysler Series Coral Series Larocca Series San Sebasti n Series Summerhouse Series Sabratha Series Meandros Series Kona Storm Series Briar Series Topanga Series Lasso Series Uptown Series Reclaimed Wood Series Meditation Series St. Croix Series Kvist Series Ring Base Series Astro Series Siege Series Grand Series Cromwell Series Bambloo Series Synapse Series Fortress Series Wooden Brace Series Cubix Series Scotch Mist Series Badlands Series Via Appia Series Rock Harbor Series Herringbone Series Vie Series Antique Brass Series Nemeth Series Pulsar Series Twin Parrots Series Whimsical Elegance Series Curzon Series Basil Series Estate Series Cupid Series Dorsten Series Farm to Table Series Polo Series Airesse Series Sayre Series Vicenza Series Queen'S Speech Series Virtuoso Series Heathcliff Series Sao Paulo Series Hair Apparent Series Athena Series Allegro Series Nexion Series Charlevoix Series Cheviot Hills Series Chamberlain Series Palacial Series Filament Bulbs Series Saint-Martin Series Irongum Series Picfair Series Marylebone Series Ethan Series Charmed I'm Sure Series Aspen Bark Series Atlas Sphere Series Refuge Series Kokopo Series Jetsam Series Dino Egg Series Caledon Series Beam Cage Series Orchestra Series Helensburugh Series Alder Series Sector Series Chinook Series Principal Series Ballintoy Series Dragonfly Series Foursquare Series Institution Series Concrete Origami Series Olympus Series Hammered Chrome Series Morgan Series Bulwark Series Musee Series Joule Series Gilded Arch Series Huntress Series Pharoah's Chariot Series Starting Point Series The Func Series Gilead Series Pennistone Series Glomma Series Star Series Faraday Series Whitebriar Series Swoops Series Straps Series Chelsea Series Thrushcross Series Wall Art Series Xuclar Series Ball Series Stellar Series Crooner Series Mirrored Top Series Galore Series Parisian Plaster Series Industrial Series Googie Series Islamorada Series Eagle's Rest Series Gleam Series Avery Series Glass Oriel Series Miramar Series Harlow Series Yonkers Series Swirl Glass Series Clubhouse Series Urn Planter Series Land to Air Series Sycamore Hill Series Fay Series Stonebrook Series Cone Neck Series Kitty Hawk Series Arctic Series Parsons Series French Connection Series Wood Series South Water Series Iron Melon Series Grace Series Sprout Series Skorpios Series Smoked Glass Series Orchard Series Covington Series Cretaceous Series Lorne Series Shanka Series Marty Series Houblon Series Rapid Pulse Series Balm Series Silver Leaf Series Island Life Series Lord Byron Series Al Fresco Series Constance Series Gitche Gumee Series Brazos Series MaidenHair Series Gendarme Series Twickenham Series Bone Block Series Draper Series Mojave Series Terra Cotta Series Le Style Metro Series Ice Geist Series Rattan Series Suar Slice Series Double Vision Series Tall Guy Series Sommieres Series Juggernaut Series Delilah Series Ceramic Leaf Series Chronicle Series Yards Series Welsh Cob Series Gold Hammered Series Three Bird Light Series Retreat Series On the Horizon Series Gust Series Ludwik Series Kiruna Series Dynamic Tension Series Carnavale Series Two Faced Series Saris Series Mirrors on Rope Series Sochi Series Masalia Series Glacier Series Ilford Series Vivalid Series Innwood Series Archipelago Series Nikita Series Steeplechase Series Saint Louis Heights Series On Strand Series Kule Series Chaumont Series Stylo Series Excelsius Series Antigua Series Magnifica Series German Silver Series Electromagnetic Series G nther Series Hucknall Series Oval Series Coachella Series Saint-Tropez Series Decorative Wood Series Shale Series Clip Series Sunscreen Series Equus Series Qattara Series Springfield Series Ingelside Series Recycled Glass Series Indian Summer Series Christian Series Cordoba Series Interlinked Series Rockford Series Narcissus Series Architects Series Viola Series Eilat Series Retro Series Faux Horn Series Almanac Series Antilles Series Winter Harbour Series Bubble Glass Series Live Edge Series Connexions Series Joseph Series Boone Series Industrial Elements Series Cigar Series Two Tier Series Rockport Series Los Roques Series Tanglewood Series Stonewall Series Hollis Series Pebble Series Shiverpeak Series Phuket Series Serrated Series Napoli Series Neil Series Crystal Rod Series Supperclub Series Ferrara Series Brutewood Series Tonga Series Standing Ovation Series Constanzie Series Starbound Series Alva Series Box Office Series Grand Hotel Series Pixelated Geometry Series Tea Service Series Crystal Collar Series Los Olivos Series Porterdale Series Pirate Series Massive Impact Series Priorato Series Squashcourt Series Lucca Series Xanadu Series Encore Series Regus Series Birds On A Branch Series Limerick Series Recalibrate Series Barrel Frame Series Fluted Neck Series Paloma Series Wuther Series Dunluce Series Haute Collar Series Morley Series Harlequin Series Marzipan Labyrinth Series Old Series Largo Series Tultui Series Allen Series Bordeaux Series Paradigm Series Kingston Series Fluxx Series Gold Cane Series Back Forty Series Cravate Noir Series Poundcake Series Darjeeling Series Stoneridge Series Marceau Series Farrara Series Habana Series Free Form Iron Series Coffee Series Bienvenu Decorative Series Nine Elms Series Highclere Series Spun Series Marie Series Keystone Series Laurel Run Series Stage Series Drift Bundle Series Hyperion Series

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