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Electrolux is the only company in the world able to provide complete, high performing kitchens of one brand.

Individually, Electrolux innovative products meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. Together, they become highly efficient systems that guarantee excellent results, productivity, hygiene and low operating cost.

Choosing for an Electrolux kitchen means having access to the largest global network of highly qualified sales and service partners available.

Electrolux laundry offers quick 15 minutes Wash and 14 minutes Dry cycle with 3lb load.

Electrolux washers and dryers work with minimal vibration, which means they won’t disturb other areas of your house or apartment. So when you put them on the second floor, you won’t notice them anywhere else.

Perfect Balance TM System - No other washer has less vibration. State-of-the-art technology keeps even oversized loads balanced for smooth, quiet operation.
Washers stay in place.
Adjoining rooms will be quieter.
Ideal for second floor installation.
Sleeping children will not be disturbed.
Ground level family activities can carry on as usual.
Several installation options make our washers and dryers the perfect fit for any space. They can be elevated with our pedestal drawers for convenient height, stacked to save space or you can create the perfect folding space by placing a pair under a counter.


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