Eden Bath Bathroom Sinks

In the tradition of the ancient Near East, there was once an idyllic garden called Eden, located at the confluence of the great rivers. It was a place of bliss, peace, and balance. It is exactly that legendary place that Eden Bath seeks to evoke with its line of luxury bathroom products and fixtures. Eden Bath wants help you to find that place of relaxation by bringing earthy elements evocative of peaceful outdoor settings, including beautiful stone and copper sinks, handcrafted from the finest materials in the world. These are luxury bath products to be savored and enjoyed, a connection to a beautiful past and a natural world, now within our grasp thanks to Eden Bath.

Eden Bath also products two lines of premium vessel faucets perfectly designed to complement their vessel sink offerings: the Contemporary Collection and the Moderneau Collection. Featuring the most luxurious designs on the market today, the Contemporary Collection features beautiful faucets perfect for any contemporary decor, always seeking to find that place between traditional and modern. The Moderneau Collection is composed of brash, forward-looking, take-no-prisoners modern design, blurring the line between modern art and functional minimalism.

Eden Bath is a unique lavatory designer, manufacturer, and importer focusing on high-end, premium-range fixtures made from materials including granite, marble, travertine, onyx and pure copper. by gifted artisans using a combination of traditional techniques and modern production methods, ensuring you're getting a high-quality product made to meet the highest standards for excellence in design and production. Go forth.

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