Dukers is a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigerators, freezers, and sundry kitchen products whose dedication to high performance and durable construction is equaled by their commitment to helping preserve the environment.

Their line of reach-in and chest freezers as well as their reach-in refrigerators, prep refrigerators, and display and merchandising refrigerators come in a wide array of sizes and configurations for any modern kitchen layout. Built with tough stainless-steel exteriors, these machines have all the necessary features for quality food storage. Sealed interiors and rounded cabinet corners make for easy cleaning, while the auto defrost function keeps icy build up at bay. The bottom-mounted compressors are efficient in use and easy to service. A high-density polyurethane insulation is eco-friendly and more energy efficient that standard cooler insulation. And a self-closing door system lets you get in and out in a hurry.

In addition, Dukers' concern for the environment has made them a leader in ecologically-sound manufacturing Their production system has been pared down to avoid use of elements that harm the ecosystem and replace them for more ecological ones. And the end products also adhere to this philosophy, with all Dukers cooling units using their Hydrocarbon Refrigerant - a highly refined propane and the safest, most environment-friendly option rather than the use of hydrofluorocarbons. This nature-friendly, safe refrigeration system doesn't use ozone depleting features, has a low carbon footprint, and provides the best cost-effective relationship for those looking for both quality freezing and environmental safety.

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