Dual Fuel Ranges: Wolf Vs GE Monogram

Dual Fuel Ranges: Wolf Vs GE Monogram

A dual fuel range combines a gas powered stovetop with an electrically powered convection oven. The main benefit of combining these two fuels in one appliance is that the gas cooktop offers accurate temperature control, while the electric oven offers consistent heating. If you understand how gas and electric ranges heat food, then you will realize the benefit of combining a gas cooktop with an electric oven.

Should You Buy a Dual Fuel Range?

Dual fuel ranges are, quite simply, for people who love to cook and want to achieve excellent results. As any true foodie knows, cooking temperature has a huge effect on the final outcome of the dish. So if you want a range that gives you the most accurate and consistent heating, depending on the needs of the dish, then a dual fuel range is for you. Are you running a commercial or professional kitchen? If so, don't even hesitate to get a dual fuel range.

Wolf Vs GE Monogram

So you have decided that you're a cooking fanatic and want that super accurate temperature control that a dual fuel range provides. Now just how do you decide which dual fuel range to purchase? When researching dual fuel ranges, you will surely come across the names Wolf (owned by the Subzero company) and GE Monogram. To illustrate the differences between these two brands, we're comparing the Wolf DF304 and the GE Monogram ZDP304NPSS. Both are high-quality, 30-inch dual fuel freestanding ranges. They both have four sealed burners and spacious convection ovens. But there are a few key differences that you must consider before deciding which range is right for you.

ZDP304NPSS GE Monogram Lifestyle
ZDP304NPSS GE Monogram Burner

Stovetop Cooking Power

BTUs (British Thermal Units) are important to consider when selecting a range. The higher the BTU, the more powerful the burner. Dual fuel ranges typically have high BTU ranges, from around 15,000 to 25,000. For commercial kitchens with high volume, higher BTUs come in handy. High BTU stovetops are better at handling large volumes of food, and can prepare that volume much quicker. For home kitchens, you will rarely, if ever, need 25K BTU. In most cases, you will need one high power burner of 12K BTU for stir-frying and searing and three lower BTU burners for all other kinds of cooking. Before buying a dual fuel range, make sure they're just as good at cooking at low heat as they are at high heat.

The Wolf DF304 is definitely more versatile when it comes to range of cooking temperatures, from a cool 9,200 BTU, going up to 15K, 18K to a scorching 20K BTU! For commercial kitchens, this range and power can come in handy. The GE Monogram ZDP304NPSS has one high power 18K BTU burner and three 10K Burners. This is more than sufficient for your needs at home, even if you cook every day and entertain often. Both of these ranges are good at low-heat cooking. The GE Monogram can simmer foods at as low as 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and Wolf's simmer setting can go as low as 300 BTU.

 DF304 Wolf Lifestyle
DF304 Wolf Oven

Oven Options

The Wolf range has a nifty retractable digital control panel with ten different cooking modes. So no matter how you want to cook your casserole (baking, roasting, broiling and seven other ways!) there's an option for it. With this control panel, you can set the cooking mode, time and temperature. You can just program the oven and let it go to work. The Wolf also has a temperature probe that alerts you when the dish has reached its desired temperature internally, saving you time and avoiding overcooking. When you work in a restaurant, these features are invaluable because you can just set it and go attend to the 100 other things that need your attention. For a home, however, it's a bit overkill.

While the GE monogram's oven has fewer features, it still has an impressively large and powerful oven. The total capacity of the GE's oven is 5.3 cubic feet compared to the Wolf's 4.5. It also has six heating elements compared to the Wolf's two. If you do a lot of baking, then the GE is an excellent choice.

In Summary

The Wolf Dual Fuel Range is better for professional cooks in restaurants and commercial kitchens. It has several different temperature settings on the stove top and cooking modes for the oven. While this range would also work well in a home, for most people, they're just too much. You don't want to feel like you've paid for features you will never use.

The GE Monogram is perfect for home cooks who want to cook delicious meals for their families. It has as all the features you need if you love to cook without unnecessary bells and whistles. It lacks the power and versatility that would make it an excellent pick for a professional kitchen.

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