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Dornbracht Faucets

Founded over sixty years ago in a shack in Iserlohn, a city in the Westphalia region of Germany, Dornbracht is a global leader in luxurious high-quality bathroom fixtures. Dornbracht represents to the whole world the absolute best in German design and engineering, setting, meeting, and surpassing the highest standards at every stage. From humble beginnings selling their wares literally door-to-door, Dornbracht took the first steps in creating the market for modern luxury design in bathroom fittings when it launched the controversial Domani faucet, now considered a classic in industrial design and widely copied. Since then, Dornbracht's forward-looking design sensibility has made them one of the world's premier luxury bathroom fitting manufacturers, a global trendsetter paving the way for other, lesser designers. You know that when you buy Dornbracht, you're stepping squarely into the future with a product that will be both innovative and timeless.

Ultimately, Dornbracht can be summed up in one word: quality. Quality of design, quality of manufacture, quality of environmental care. Whether it's their innovative forward-facing designs, excellence in production and remarkable electroplating process, or their low waste-to-product ratio, Dornbracht is the height of German industrial processes and production. That means every Dornbracht product is more than just a faucet; it's a thing of beauty, made to the highest standards by a responsible, innovative company that's always looking toward the future -- the future for you as a customer, the future of their company, and the future of Planet Earth.

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