Dorm Appliance Suggestions And How To Shop For Them


Whether you are a freshman or a senior, you need three essential compact appliances if you live in the dorms including a coffee maker, a microwave, and a mini fridge to make your college life easier. Having these compact appliances not only makes your life easier but saves your valuable time, money and efforts. With so many options in the market, it might be difficult to choose the right appliances for your specific needs. We'll give you the most convenient appliance options for dormitory living, so you can get the one that fits your needs the most.

Coffee Makers

Every college student has those late night study sessions to prepare for the midterm and finals, as well as hard to wake up mornings. That's why the coffee maker is one of the most essential appliances for students living in the dorms. You'll need a fresh cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning or help you stay up during those late night study sessions. While most college cafeterias provide  coffee makers  in the dining hall, one in your dorm room will get you the instant cup of coffee whenever you need it and will save you the trip all the way to the dining hall or to the coffee shop. We recommend choosing a coffee maker that is compact, easy to use, and easy to clean, which will be reliable, safe, and long lasting to help you get you through the years in college.

Take a look at coffee maker options below:

Single cup coffee brewers are great for making just the right amount of coffee in your mug fast and easy without the need of brewing the whole pot. This single cup My Cafe by Bunn-O-Matic is able to brew K-Cup packs, ground coffee, tea pods and more. This unit also offers pulse brew option to extract bolder flavor. Features include:

  • Brews K-Cup packs, ground coffee, tea pods or bags, loose tea and more
  • Includes Cup, Ground Coffee, Pod and Hot Water Drawers
  • Pulse Brew option extracts bolder flavor
  • 4 to 14 ounce servings

In case you like to have more variety of coffee like cappuccino and latte, Cuisinart offers a compact and affordable solution that features its own cappuccino system. With the special frothing attachment, you'll be able to steam and froth milk to create almost any cafe-style coffee that you usually get in your local coffee shop. Features include:

  • Espresso maker with 15 bars of pressure for perfect coffee drinks
  • Brews 1 to 2 cups from either ground espresso or pods
  • 53-ounce removable reservoir; porta-filter holder; cup-warming plate
  • Steam nozzle; frothing cup; removable drip tray; tamping tool included

Cuisinart's drip coffee maker  is a great option if you need a larger capacity for making a large amount of coffee. This unit can make 12 cups of coffee and is perfect for sharing the coffee with your study group during the preparation before the exam. It's a convenient and affordable solution that takes up the minimal space and provides the combination of quality and performance. Features Include:

  • 12-cup coffeemaker with LCD clock and 24-hour programmable timer for "wake up" coffee
  • Brew-pause function; "brewing complete" audible beep; 0- to 4-hour auto shutoff
  • Adjustable keep-warm temperature control; 1- to 4-cup setting; charcoal water filter
  • Glass carafe, instruction book, Gold Tone filter, and #4 paper filter starter kit included

Compact Microwaves and Mini Refrigerators

compact microwave and refrigerator

Two additional essential appliances are  compact microwaves  and  refrigerators . The compact microwave will help you make a quick dinner or warm up a leftover food like pizza to avoid those long lines in the crowded dining hall. On the other hand, the mini fridges will provide a storage for cold beverages and snacks.

Mini refrigerators come in different sizes and configurations including compact top freezer refrigerators with fresh and frozen food compartments and mini all-refrigerator models with much smaller capacity to store only snacks and beverages.

Here are some of the best compact and affordable refrigerator suggestions for the dorm living:

Avanti's mini refrigerator is a great solution if you have a limited space in your dorm. This unit can accommodate 17" spaces while providing 1.7 cu. ft. of interior capacity to store your snacks and beverages. The reversible door design gives you additional flexibility by allowing to install the door to open from the left or right to suit your space needs. The adjustable wire shelves let you rearrange the space to accommodate the items with different sizes. In addition to that, this compact unit features door beans that can fit two-liter bottles and other condiments, saving you the space on the shelves.

Haier's compact refrigerator is another option if you need a more storage space than mini refrigerator provides. This compact unit can fit in 19" spaces and features 4.0 cu. ft. of total interior capacity that includes half-width freezer compartment for storing frozen food. This model is designed with adjustable glass shelves that can be customized to accommodate various sized items. In addition to that, it has a can storage for an easy access and door bins that can accommodate milk jugs and 2-liter bottles. Also, this model is energy-efficient, which means saving money while saving the environment.

Danby's compact refrigerator is a great choice if space is not that much of an issue in your dorm. This compact top freezer model has everything you need. It features a separate fridge and freezer compartments for storing fresh and frozen food, as well as plenty of storage space for variety sizes of beverages. The interior is designed with a glass shelve and the full-length crisper drawer, which is ideal for storing fruits and vegetables. With Danby's compact top freezer refrigerator you'll have storage space to keep everything safely preserved.


A lot of colleges put restrictions to the power of microwaves in order to save energy. In addition to that, some colleges require the appliances that are UL listed, which means it meets the safety requieremetns. Additionally, typically there is not much space in the dorms for a large microwave. So, we listed the energy-efficient microwaves that are also affordable and space-saving.

Take a look at the options below

Instead of buying these two appliances separately, you also have an option to purchase a refrigerator and microwave combo, which will save you space while saving your money. Microfridge's unique combination appliances  give you everything you need for creating your little dormitory kitchen without taking up too much space.

Take a look at MicroFridge's refrigerator and microwave combination:

This compact combination appliance can accommodate the 19" spaces and offer 2.3 cu. ft. of fridge interior capacity. The fridge offers adjustable shelves to customize the space according to your needs, as well as can holders and door bins that can fit two liter bottles while the microwave offers express cook settings for a quick and easy cooking. Microfridge's combination appliance is the best solution for the dormitory living due to high safety and energy efficiency. The Safe Plug technology allows the combination appliance to operate with only one plug inserted into one outlet socket. This way the fridge and microwave combo ensures the safe operation while conserving the energy, which means lowering the utility bills. In addition to that, the microwave offers 1st defense Smoke sensor, which automatically stops the operation and alerts the user about the smoke before the damage is done.

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