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DMI Sports Game Tables

Since 1976, DMI has been helping you to get your game on. Hanging with your friends has never been more fun. Whether you're into billiards, darts, ping pong, foosball, or air hockey, DMI has you covered. These high quality game tables are built to the highest standards of style, quality, and design to ensure high-performance games that don't mess up your flow. And that's why they've been in business for nearly forty years, because their unparalleled commitment to quality has led them into the position of industry leader in game tables and gaming furniture. Every DMI Sports game table is made of high quality materials and components and built to be stylish, functional, and fun. And with innovative features designed to enrich your gaming experience, such as red card handicapping, LED score boards, goal flex technology, and double goal variations, you know that DMI's devotion to the game equals their devotion to their customers. This is a company that has set out to make high-quality game tables to maximize your fun.

That's what makes DMI Sports so special: their love of the game. They've worked hard to engineer game tables to provide you with a maximum of fun of at minimum cost, with top of the line features along the way. This commitment to excellence in gaming is what has earned DMI Sports a place in our carefully-curated catalog of exceptional things, where we stock only the best, most interesting items by the highest quality manufacturers.

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