Dishwasher Maintenance


Getting your dishes clean can definitely be a dirty job. The invention of the dishwasher revolutionized the way we remove stuck on food residue from our dishes and silverware. The dishwasher in your home has to work hard so it is mandatory that you care for it from time to time to make sure it can always get the job done. After all, you might have the extra time since it does all the work for you.

Before you can begin to fight the grime inside your “grime fighter”, your dishwasher needs to be installed the right way. You can have a professional do so or be sure to consult your owner’s manual to follow the proper steps.


Do not overload your dishwasher with more than it is fit for. The one mistake many people make is overloading the dishwasher to fill all the space on the racks. By placing more than one load together, it will restrict the water distribution in the unit and cause uneven cleaning. Dishwashers only use a certain amount of water so, you will be wasting more water to properly re-wash the items you placed inside.


Cleaning and deodorizing the inside and outside of your dishwasher is the best way to keep it looking brand new and running smoothly. It’s advised to use a warm water and soap or a designated cleaner to get rid of stains and small food particles that were left behind. Wiping the interior, especially in places where food collects or where water does not reach during the cycle will help to prevent grease and mold from building up. Dishwashers are also subject to accommodate rust. You can use a rust protectant to prevent rust from forming inside or outside your unit. You must also pay attention to the holes where the water potentially sprays out from, as food particles can also get stuck inside them. Use something like a needle or pipe cleaner (something thin and sturdy) to remove it. You can use a dishwasher deodorizer to keep the interior mold free and smelling fresh.

Cleaning the filter will mean that you will need to remove it from where it is located on your unit; either the bottom or under the lowest spraying arm. The filter should be removed regularly and cleaned if so needed. If there is any damage to the filter, you must replace it immediately to avoid any further damage to the internal mechanics of the dishwasher.


Repairing broken parts will save you money from having to buy a whole new dishwasher. If you find that the racks, grates, arms, filters, etc. look worn or are broken, replace them immediately to get the best results from your dishwasher.

Remember to place each component back into the right places when you are through with the cleaning process. Check for any leakage by test running your dishwasher.

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