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Since 1986, Dainolite has been a leader in contemporary designed lighting. Today they offer the best in contemporary lighting in North America and around the world for customers and designers. From kitchen to bedroom, Dainolite brings your envisioned interior design to life.

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Dainolite Product Series

Signature Series Brynn Series Oversized Drum Series Belenko Series Kendra Series Abii Series Glasgow Series Noa Series Array Series Paisley Series Roswell Series Everly Series Emperor Series LED Series Maine Series Sandra Series Display/Exhibit Series Patricia Series Hadleigh Series Leonardo Series Helsinki Series Langford Series Sophia Series Aranza Series Trapezoid Series Mona Series Summit Series Orion Series Eleanor Series Dayana Series Jazlynn Series Trapazoid Series Amirah Series Slanted Drum Series Megallan Series Dawson Series Zuri Series Ava Series Sofia Series Gabriela Series Drum Series Willshire Series Paloma Series Crescent Series Alison Series Florence Series Comet Series Adjustable Series Glora Series Nebraska Series Cage Series Amanda Series Flora Series Tanglewood Series Shelley Series Balenko Series Slit Drum Series Fayette Series Modern Series Cutouts Series Helena Series Crystal Series Tablero Series Phoenix Series Adrienna Series Emery Series Cordova Series Crawford Series Vintage Series Pembroke Series Miscellaneous Series Nabisco Series Beatrice Series Cree Series Mother and Son Series Globus Series Cerena Series Ofelia Series Larkin Series Notched Drum Series Bugle Series Luna Series Payton Series Stillwater Series Morgan Series Xeno Series Chime Series Daytona Series Kimberly Series Pamela Series Cone Series Kordan Series Dainolite Series Alora Series Felicity Series Magnus Series Rockwell Series Kanata Series Mia Series Puzzle Series Artico Series Kepler Series Sally Series Abba Series Coral Series Myra Series Valarie Series Vela Series Clearwater Series ROSE Series Trinity Series Cameron Series Tripod Series Finn Series Wand Series Tahnee Series Windham Series Aragog Series Kappa Series Sabrina Series Zoey Series Thomson Series Torchier Series Pilar Series Sage Series Boullier Series Echo Series Goliath Series London Series Vega Series Irene Series Reina Series Odin Series Fiorella Series Melissa Series Thea Series Kate Series Charlotte Series Dainostix Series Cinderella Series Working/Task Lamps Series Kup Series Geometric Series
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