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Custom Color Appliances

Custom Color Appliances: Featured Image

When it comes to custom color appliances, you have a ton of options. Custom ranges are a functional and powerful part of your kitchen, but they're also an accessory and you can use them to dress your kitchen up or dress it down. For example, if you have an all-white kitchen, you can get white appliances to blend in for a monochromatic look, or you can get black or red appliances to give them the spotlight. You can go with bright colors, warm colors, cool colors, and anything that makes you feel at home! Custom color appliances are a great decor investment because you'll get the functionality of a high-quality range with a personal touch that is uniquely your own. No two kitchens should look alike because no two chefs are alike. Break free of the mold and paint your kitchen to be perfectly you! Here are the custom color offering brands we currently carry.


BlueStar Custom Color Appliances at Appliances Connection
BlueStar Double Oven

Choose From Multiple Handle & Stovetop Configurations

BlueStar is a high-end residential brand that lets you build your own BlueStar appliance. You have complete control over the functional and aesthetic features of your range. BlueStar lets you customize nearly every part of your appliance. In addition to choosing the color and texture of your appliance's finish, you can also choose the stovetop configuration to best fit how you cook. BlueStar lets you build your range with custom burners, griddles, charbroilers, and even French Tops. Not many brands offer French Top stovetops in the United States, so if you're looking for this style of cooking BlueStar is the way to go. You can also choose the color of your range or oven's knobs and trim, and you can pick the style and configuration of your door handles. The possibilities are endless and with so many customization options, no two custom ranges are the same! There are over 750 color and texture options available with countless shade variations and many texture options.

Here are a couple of examples of BlueStar custom color appliances:

bluestar rcs24sbv2 24-inch range

BlueStar RCS24SBV2

bluestar BSEWO30ECSDV2 French-door wall oven


bluestar bsp488b 48-inch range

BlueStar BSP488B


American Range

American Range Custom Color Appliances at Appliances Connection

American Range is mainly a commercial brand, so they're used to the demands of restaurants, hotels and resorts for particular specifications and configurations on their equipment. They've applied this expertise to their residential line in a more muted and fashionable way: custom color ranges. The door and toe kick plates can be painted in one of the hundreds of options thy have available. However, the control panel area remains stainless steel. The company claims to entertain all of your requests, though not all can be met if they conflict with safety precautions.

American Range claims to have the highest BTU ratings in the industry and are heavily involved in the commercial appliance industry. Restaurants and hotel kitchens demand a certain configuration and aesthetic, so the heavy hitters in the commercial realm are great at adaptability with their products, American Range is one of those brands. Here are a couple of examples of American Range custom color appliances (all are available in a custom color option although they are shown in the stainless steel option):

American Range French Door Wall Oven

You Can Customize Your French-Door Wall Oven, too!

american range arosg30n wall oven

American Range AROSG30N

american range arr530n 30-inch range

American Range ARR530N

american range ARR648GDN 48-inch range

American Range ARR648GDN



Custon Color Capital Cooking Appliances from Appliances Connection
Capital Cooktop Configurations GIF

Pick Your Favorite Color and Your Favorite Stovetop Layout

There's also Capital Cooking Appliances. Capital is a residential brand for the serious food connoisseur. With a tagline like, "The Art of Precision," it's no wonder their ranges are works of art. They let you customize your range's door and toe kick plate to match your kitchen color scheme, or be the centerpiece to your kitchen. Capital ranges are easy to clean and provide reliable power, so you can choose your style without worrying about sacrificing culinary capability.

Capital ranges are powerful and professionally-inspired, particularly the Capital Precision Series Ranges. Capital also makes ranges in their Culinarian and Connoisseurian Collections. All of Capital's ranges and wall ovens are available in a number of preselected color options, like Signal Blue and Wine Red. However, if you've got a particular color in mind, you can still select the RAL Custom option to pick your own perfect color! Here are a couple of examples of Capital custom color appliances:

capital COB484G2N 48-inch range

Capital COB484G2N

capital CSB304L 30-inch range

Capital CSB304L

capital mwov302es 30-inch double wall oven

Capital MWOV302ES



Custom Color Dacor Appliances from Appliances Conenction

Dacor is an American made, family-owned appliance brand that has won incredible accolades like four best in show awards at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), and the culinary seal of excellence by the master chefs at Le Cordon Bleu. Dacor has a great selection of finishes, including the Graphite Stainless Steel finish in their Modernist Series appliances. They have a long list of color options, but if you still can't find the one you want you can send them a sample and they'll match it for you! The Dacor Color Match service lets you customize the color of their single ovens, double ovens, and gas ranges, induction ranges, dual-fuel ranges. This is a great option for those who want a complete kitchen makeover entirely in color due to the wide selection of appliances available for color customization. You can get a range in Pantone's color of the year, or a wall oven to match the nail polish you were wearing when you got engaged--you can choose to be trendy or sentimental (or both!) and purchase an appliance that stands out. Here are a couple of examples of Dacor custom color appliances:

Dacor Custom Color GIF

Match Your Wall Oven to Your Range or Make It Stand Out

dacor HGPR30CLPH 30-inch range


dacor HWO227PC 27-inch double wall oven

Dacor HWO227PC

dacor HGPR48CLP 48-inch range




Ilve Custom Color Appliances at Appliances Connection
ILVE Custom Color GIF

Combine an Antique Design With Your Favorite Color

Ilve (pronounced ill-vay) is an Italian manufacturer of luxury kitchen appliances. You have the choice of three different trim options (on select models), three cooktop configurations, hundreds of color options, and the choice of purchasing a matching hood with your range. Ilve ranges have a distinct antique look, but you can personalize yours with a custom color. Even in a more traditional kitchen, a splash of color will look great because Ilve's design imbues the appliance with the air of comfort, cooking and camaraderie found in a classic Italian kitchen. Ilve ranges have all the modern features we all look for in a good range--multiple cooking functions, convection baking, broiling, heavy duty racks, and the list goes on. The nostalgic aesthetic is deceiving because you're not missing any important functionality. We have Ilve ranges on display in our showroom and they stand out in a crowd of standard professionally-inspired ranges. Here are a couple of examples of Ilve custom color appliances:

ilve UM09FDNS3EGC 36-inch range


ilve UM15FE3MGC60-inch range


ilve UM30DNE3MBPLP 30-inch range



Should You Buy Into The Colorful Appliance Trend?

With all these brand options and color choices, there is no excuse for blending in. A new home improvement project is an investment, but it's one you don't make often so don't settle for anything less than perfect. You're more than shiny, traditional steel. You're bold and your home should reflect that. Make the choice, make it pop, and make it count. The freedom of design is an absolute price, but depending on the color you choose, a custom color option will raise the overall price of the appliance significantly. However, many of the brands we mentioned have several preset color options available at no extra cost. If you want a truly unique shade, be prepared for the price tag that will accompany that choice. That said, appliances are an expensive purchase in general, and we think spending a little extra is worth it. All of these brands make durable appliances that are built to last. If you're looking to give your kitchen a new look, the best way to do that is either through the appliances or through the cabinetry and custom color appliances are definitely more affordable than a new set of cabinets.

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