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Crown Verity

Crown Verity has been manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment since 1991. The brand's variety of outdoor products includes professional quality grills, grill accessories, as well as patio heaters and portable sinks. Crown Verity is known for producing high-quality durable products that last for years.

Crown Verity outdoor grills are designed with the highest quality 304 stainless steel that can withstand the harshest environments. The outdoor grills are available in a variety of styles and power options including freestanding, built-in, and portable models in natural gas, liquid propane, and charcoal options. In addition to that, all Crown Verity grills are designed to accept a full line of the grill accessories like shelves and rotisseries. The built-in grills are available in sizes ranging from 30" to 48" and offer a finished, professional look for a seamless installation in the outdoor kitchen. The freestanding mobile grills, on the other hand, provide the flexibility of placing them anywhere and are available in sizes ranging from 30" to 72". These models are designed with wheels on the bottom for an easy relocation and feature the lock on the casters to keep them stationary during cooking.

The brand's portable sinks are another quality products that feature durable stainless steel construction in a single, double, and triple sink models. The portable sinks are designed with backsplash with soap and towel dispensers and include a removable fresh water tank. Additionally, the portable sinks are available in compact and full-size models to accommodate any space.

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