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Coaster Furniture is one of the most expansive and well established furniture brands we carry. Since 1972 they have imported and distributed casual and formal dining furniture, entertainment center furnishings, sofas, and bedding of every conceivable configuration.

In the bedroom, Coaster's night stands, dressers and chests are equipped with dove tail corners and full extension glides for sturdiness. In the dining room you can fit extra guests with their precision cut extension leaves or let them pull up to a glass table top tempered to be 5x stronger than untreated surfaces. In the living room, Coaster's selection of high-quality seating options let's you recline, sleep, and relax in a variety of upholstery options (we prefer the button-tufted leather).

Have we mentioned the daybeds and chaise lounges? What about the full line of professional quality home office furniture? We still haven't reached the headboards with built in armrests and cup holders? There's still so much to share from Coaster furniture you're going to have to see for yourself. Check below for the finest most affordable options for every room in your home.

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Franco Series Sandy Beach Series Barzini Series Littleton Series Bling Game Series Jessica Series Marion Series Miranda Series Phoenix Series Lavon Series Cleveland Series Dining Chairs and Bar Stools Series Felicity Series Accent Mirrors Series Boyd Series Deanna Series Wrangle Hill Series Bar Units and Bar Tables Series Dorian Series Leighton Series Brenner Series 2017 Foundations Series Gunnison Series Avonlea Series Conner Series Louis Philippe Series Fordham Series Sonoma Series Blacktoft Series Dilleston Series Selena Series Samuel Series Carlton Series Penelope Series Ramon Series Bellamy Series Kauffman Series Serene Series Brantford Series Serenity Series Wakefield Series Freya Series Brockway Series Brandon Series Mapes Series Frederick Series Briana Series Luddington Series Heidi Series Analiese Series Bookcases Series Sidney Series Wall Units Series Winslow Series Chapman Series Damen Series Fenbrook Series Alderwood Series Mix and Match Series Marlow Series Toohey Series Tamarac Series Glenn Series Folding Screens Series Clemintine Series Avenue Series Hart Series Churchill Series Stanton Series Watson Series Stillwood Series Livingston Series Dominique Series Cyrus Series Cambridge Series Woodmont Series Papineau Series Elk Grove Series Salford Series Chloe Series Accent Seating Series Eastbrook Series Canon Series Mauve Series Louis Philippe 204 Series Waldin Series Salizar Series Gabriel Series Tulsa Series Hartshill Series Coleman Series Chaviano Series StarLight Series Dalila Series Massage Power Series Beaumont Series Soledad Series Destin Series Danette Series Sherman Series Sembene Series Clara Series Hamden Series Modern Dining Series Bunks Series Maywood Series Evie Series Parkins Series Ditman Series Aspen Series Calandra Series Claude Series Edmonton Series Hounslow Series Arabella Series Victoria Classic Series Chalet Series Lexton Series Beaufort Series Keegan Series Occasional Group Series Negan Series Ashton Series Apperson Series Accent Tables Series Warner Series Ocassionals Table Series 350382T Series Florence Series Home Office Series Alfredo Series Frostine Series Weissman Series Conrad Series Malone Series Brantford Collection Series Houston Series Key Series Denley Series Vance Series Charlotte Series Occasional Group 702280 Series Redbridge Series Bleker Series Korbach Series Corliss Series Lowry Series Robyn Series Benicia Series Hartsook Series Caldwell Series Laughton Series Finley Series Daybeds Series Office Chairs Series Hyde Series Devon Series Flamenco Series Carone Series Rodman Series Brannan Series Mod Metal Series Willemse Series Hilliard Series Sutter Creek Series Sierra Series Alston Series Fisher Series Fairfield Series Kingman Series Mitchell Series Spring Creek Series Leaton Series Occasional Group 702580 Series Estrella Series Arles Series Gano Series Ridgedale Series Carrington Series Persia Series Occasional Groups Series Glenmark Series Averi Series Breckenridge Series Clifford Series Dinettes Series Riverbend Series Curio Cabinets Series Kersey Series Gordon Series Turk Series Pissarro Series Bahrain Series Jaden Series Williston Series Joseph Series Grayson Series Massi Series TV Stands Series Charity Series Wisdom Series Marietta Series Sawyer Motion Series Nogales Series Stephan Series Lawtey Series Phelps Series Monika Series Slater Series Athens Series Kella Series Santa Barbara Series Abildgaard Series Rocori Series Anson Series Drayton Series Wixom Motion Series Athena Series Meyers Series Xochilt Series Garza Series Accent Cabinets Series Delray Series Newbridge Series Atascadero Series Barstow Series Stonenesse Series Glavan Series Kitchen Carts Series Chanel Series Marmot Series Chantar Series Camille Series Boardmead Series Foteini Series Baines Series Montgomery Series Jaki Series Kelso Series Ian Series Hobson Series Yvette Series Vanities Series Accents Series Myleene Series Nelms Series Wethersfield Series Watsonville Series Lawrence Series Laguna Series Peel Series Reventlow Series Grimma Series Rogen Series Whitson Series Sarasota Series Bling Game Collection Series Meagan Series La Salle Series Jayden Series Cedar Series Adalia Series Percy Series Bexley Series Amaturo Series Suthers Series Madelyn Series London Series Packlan Series Ottomans Series Bellaire Series Seanna Series

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