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Chintaly Furniture

A world of affordable furniture options is brought to you exclusively through Chintaly Imports. This NY-based company scours the globe for attractive furnishings and accessories for your home in a variety of styles. Besides their line of attractive and versatile glass top dining room sets, you can also find curios, accent pieces, occasional tables, bar stools, pub sets, upholstery groups and bedrooms.

The choices are endless; are you feeling modern with galvanized steel and glass? Or would you feel more at home in walnut-finished wood and leather? It's the wide selection and exceptional value that makes Chintaly Imports a good place to start your search for home furnishings.

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Chintaly Product Series

Molly Series Round Series Dusty Series 8015 Series Tara Series White Glass Series Malibu Series Abigail Series Fiona Series Lazy Susan Series Amsterdam Series Nadia Series Florence Series Moscow Series Michelle Series Teresa Series Valerie Series Kendall Series Manila Series Lucy Series Yasmin Series Delhi Series Venice Series London Series Genevieve Series Vera Series Jezebel Series Gretchen Series joy Series Nala Series Danna Series Dina Series KALINDA Series CRISTINA Series Samira Series Tracy Series Rachel Series Desiree Series Jane Series Taylor Series Paris Series Maiden Series Rectangle Series Denali Series Iris Series Linden Series Adelle Series Sunny Series Katie Series Rosario Series Fremont Series Bethany Series Melanie Series Dahlia Series 8020 Series Janet Series 8029 Series Laredo Series Modesto Series Erika Series Evelyn Series Helga Series Ariel Series Stella Series Isabel Series Lisa Series Dominique Series Corvette Series Bertha Series Xenia Series Tami Series Sandra Series Amanda Series Heather Series LEATRICE Series Josie Series Vanessa Series Henriet Series Ashtyn Series Abby Series Fenya Series Natalie Series Marjorie Series RHONDA Series Jackie Series Barcelona Series Donna Series Aida Series Jade Series 72102 Series Krista Series Sabrina Series Luna Series Alicia Series Mackenzie Series Daniella Series Madison Series Patricia Series 8052 Series Savannah Series 0404 Series Carmen Series Marcella Series Ingrid Series Lima Series Aspen Series Chasity Series Natasha Series Averie Series Karen Series Suri Series Gabriella Series LABRENDA Series Melissa Series Gina Series Tiffany Series Alina Series Glenda Series Macy Series Ella Series Layla Series 0394 Series Esther Series 0413 Series Lily Series Star Series Margaret Series Straight Back Parson Series

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