Chicago Brick Oven

Started in Chicago, Illinois in 2006, Chicago Brick Oven sought to take the cost and waiting out of buying a residential wood-fired oven. At the time, practically all wood-fired ovens were manufactured on other continents, required several months to arrive, and accumulated astronomical import/freight fees. Chicago Brick Oven brings to the American market one of the best looking, highest quality wood-fired brick ovens minus the hassles and worry associated with importing. Their ovens combine the classic brick oven design with the most advanced American engineering available.

Chicago Brick Oven's units are modeled after the ancient Neapolitan oven used by generations of European pizza makers. The hypnotizing glow of a visible in-chamber fire appeals to our natural inclination to share stories and enjoy the warmth of camaraderie around a flame. These old-world aesthetics are combined with a proprietary reinforcement cement formula containing stainless steel fibers. Unlike clay ovens which are prone to cracking in drastically changing temperatures, this design allows you to enjoy the authentic tastes of Europe anywhere in the United States no matter the climate.

Chicago Brick Oven models combine old-world style with modern innovations to optimize performance and usability. A low, igloo-shaped dome features a modern and efficient flue system to prevent smoke from escaping through the front of your oven. That way, you can check on a pizza pie without holding your breath. Chicago Brick Oven models also possess FlameRoll technology that creates a vacuum for concentrated heat up to 1,000°F. This means you can get that wood-fired flavor in everything from flaky pizza crusts to thick cuts of steak.

Don't let the heat scare you. Despite being extremely hot on the inside, these ovens are safe to the touch on the outside. All things considered, the high-performance design of these ovens make them perfect additions to your residential or commercial kitchen.

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