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Founded in 2006 as a small mom and pop shop in Brooklyn, NY, Chic Home Design began retailing bedding and other home goods from large wholesalers. As time went on, they realized they needed to curate their selection of bedroom and living room furniture to better reflect the unique natures of their customers. Fueled by a passion for home décor and now located in the bustling heart of midtown Manhattan, they design in-house and source their product lines with a focus on style, quality, and affordability.

Chic Home Design's fashion forward styles have elevated the living spaces of over one million customers. Whether you're looking to just update your existing style or purchase a multi-piece set to build a new aesthetic from scratch, Chic Home Design can accommodate your needs. Add a touch of elegance to your living room with their selection of glamourous club chairs, contemporary ottomans, and charming benches. Liven up your bedroom with colorful velvet and leather upholstered bed frames. For either space, choose from a host of collections of stunning end tables that provide compact storage for books, writing supplies, and several other curios.

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Chic Home Product Series

Bosch Series Noah Series Whistler Series Guidi Series Sawyer Series Zena Series Elmont Series Caius Series Cordelia Series Helena Series Lucian Series Alexia Series Olson Series Isabella Series Nero Series Argus Series Tamara Series Minerva Series Cristovano Series Johanna Series Orion Series Haida Series Blair Series Lunenburg Series Keros Series Avon Series Provins Series Verdi Series Austen Series Arbor Series Chantilly Series Emmett Series Howard Series Lark Series Rembrandt Series Custer Series Lydia Series Morgan Series Purine Series Vail Series Willow Series Barbara Series Lucky Series Shannon Series Maxx Series Gael Series Natasha Series Paloma Series Pilsen Series Dale Series Lane Series Aldan Series Moyra Series Darwood Series Aeluin Series Agatha Series Devere Series Sarina Series Nurit Series Dawn Series Athena Series Renaud Series Samara Series Franco Series Amalfi Series Caitlin Series Anne Series Albany Series Crusoe Series Regan Series Jenica Series Rouge Series Catherine Series Ravello Series Positano Series Grant Series Laila Series Metzger Series Nicholas Series Araya Series Frida Series Cerys Series Avery Series Bradford Series Heatherlea Series Irrithel Series Naflah Series Adele Series Evelyn Series Diego Series Kristina Series Mercanti Series Oscar Series Romeo Series Neri Series Certaldo Series Florence Series Hebe Series Paris Series Shenae Series Racquel Series Haymish Series Nayman Series Colette Series Miguel Series Alcinda Series Fabrizio Series Sirius Series Bethesda Series Doreen Series Gonzalo Series Sandra Series Maya Series Alexandra Series Ezra Series Tallis Series Jeffrey Series Chelese Series Marisol Series Levi Series Jeffries Series Gwendolen Series Dino Series Mahlah Series Edmund Series Gavin Series Asher Series Harrison Series Parks Series Matterhorn Series Arya Series Katrina Series Melvin Series Dallas Series Dalton Series Taft Series Pompidou Series Vonna Series Paulinka Series

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