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Certification Marks

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When looking to purchase appliances for your kitchen, youve probably noticed the logos such as UL, SCA, ETL, NSF and more. These logos are certification marks which represent organizations that test and evaluate products in the laboratory for its safety. All of them are Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NTRL) accredited by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). These certifications show that the product meets the minimum requirements of widely accepted safety standards.

How do the products get certified?

These organizations create their own list of safety standards for specific products. The manufacturers send a request to test their new product for its safety. They examine how the product is constructed, test and evaluate the product and certify that it meets the requirements of standard safety. Certified products are periodically checked to make sure that they continue to act in accordance to the standard.

The table below shows various certifications marks and what they stand for:

UL Logo

Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

A global independent non -profit organization that provides wide range of product safety certifications by testing the products in the nationally recognized testing laboratories.

CSA Logo

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

A non-profit Organization that provides standards, tests and certifies electrical, mechanical, gas or plumbing equipment for its safety for the products manufactured in Canada. CSA mark qualifies for UL mark.

NSF Logo

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)

An Independent non-profit organization that tests how the equipment design and ensures they are constructed in way that promotes food safety. It sets standards associated with sanitation and health safety.

ETL Logo

Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL)

An Organization which tests for product safety and performance. ETL was acquired by Intertek Testing Services (ITS) in 1996 which is a global product safety certification organization.

US safety requirements may be slightly different from Canadian. So, you might see letters outside the logo. They usually indicate that the product meets the requirements for a specific region. For example:

CSA Logo

This means that the tested product meets the certification requirements for U.S.

CSA Logo

This means that the tested product meets the certification requirements for Canada and U.S.

Whats the difference between the UL, CSA, ETL and NSF listed Marks?

Consumers often get confused about whats the difference between the UL, CSA, ETL and NSF marks. All of them are Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NTRL) that are accredited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to test the product and certify that the product is safe to use. The only difference is that each company has its own unique certification marking and listing of certified products but they are all tested to the same standards. Each marking is equally reliable.

Other important logos:

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Energy star label means the product is energy-efficient which helps you lower your energy bills while protecting the environment. The purpose of the energy star label is to reduce pollutions and help prevent the climate change. The products that are energy star labeled go through testing and inspections to meet the requirements of US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The company has its list where you can check all the appliances that are energy star certified.

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ADA Compliant stands for American with Disabilities Act. The Products labeled as ADA compliant means that they are constructed in a way that makes them easily accessible for people with disabilities.

For your convenience, we've created this easy to read, save, and share "Certification Marks" infographic! Use this as a simple reference whenever you need to recall the stamps and what they signify.

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