Cavavin is a leading brand that specializes in manufacturing various kinds of wine cellars that ensures a safe storage room to store large or small quantities of wine. With a vision to be the leader in Canada for the manufacturing and distribution quality wine cellars, Cavavin has set a mission to manufacture and import high quality wine cellars that will stand out for their innovative design and bold performances. For Cavavin customer satisfaction is number one priority, as they continue their research for ways to manufacture a wine cellar that promises customers with the latest technology.

They have built their reputation through hard a work of each of their engineers, designers and manufacturers. Most of their wine cellars come with features like, Dual Temperature Zones Italian Digital Thermostat, While LED Interior Light, Energy Star Certification, Charcoal Filter, Brushed Chrome Handle with European Security Lock and Anti-Vibration System. They also manufacture high quality beverage center that comes with features like, Charcoal Filter, Anti-UV Ray Door, LED Digital Lighting, Security Lock etc. Cavavin has been making history ever since they were established in 1956 by Roger Fortier. With 500 retailers around the world, Cavavin offers exceptional wine keeping and wine service products. From Design to performance, Cavain has perfected the process of storing wines.

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