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Catnapper Furniture

Born in south Tennessee during the height of the Great Depression and founded on an initial capitalization of thirty dollars, Jackson Furniture -- the owner and manufacturer of the Catnapper brand -- has maintained a commitment to the highest quality home furniture in the industry. Every Jackson Furniture product is manufactured right here in the United States at one of their four domestic production facilities using only the finest materials and components out there, and that means that every Jackson Furniture product is built to last by skilled, dedicated craftsmen. Jackson Furniture has worked hard since 1933 to become a name America can depend upon, a trusted manufacturer with a tradition of excellence exemplified in everything they do.

Jackson Furniture uses the best solid hardwoods in every product, computer-cut to ensure accuracy and variances measured in micrometers. Coupled with just that extra bit of glue and stapling, Jackson Furniture products are certain to last. And their recliners and sofas feature high resiliency foam and comfort coil seat cushions to ensure the best, most comfortable sitting experience out there. You'll want to melt into their chairs even as you depend upon their tables to be sturdy and long-lasting. Jackson Furniture products are affordable, accessible, and made to take whatever it is you throw at them. You'll be relying on Jackson Furniture for years and years to come. You'll enjoy many a catnap on one of these fine products.

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Catnapper Product Series

Wembley Series Voyager Series Milan Series Branson Series Monaco Series Nolan Series Ferrington Series Sedona Series Siesta Series Patton Series Messina Series Westin Series Daly Series Braxton Series Camden Series Catalina Series Brice Series Jules Series Pearson Series Sheridan Series Patriot Series Venice Series Cloud 12 Series Searcy Series Hardin Series Paloma Series Amos Series Thornton Series Warner Series Tosh Series Trent Series Moncaco Series Elliott Series Kepley Series Montego Series Owens Series Magnum Series Bergamo Series Horton Series Duncan Series Piazza Series Colson Series Preston Series Bingham Series Maddie Series Winner Series Victor Series Hoffner Series Rialto Series Jenson Series Brody Series Bolt Series Soother Series Kelsey Series Omni Series Nettles Series Burns Series Oliver Series Romelle Series Berman Series Ramsey Series Stallworth Series Capri Series

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