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Founded in 1983, Campania is a premier designer, manufacturer, and distributor of fine garden accents to independent garden centers throughout the United States and Canada. Remaining committed to its core beliefs of excellence in design, quality, and customer service, Campania consistently continues to set trends and industry standards. The brand offers an extensive suite of products in a variety of materials and styles, encompassing everything from classic to contemporary. Campania's Cast Stone Collection is designed and manufactured at the brand's facility in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania. The imported Pacifica Collection is manufactured exclusively for Campania in Europe and Asia. This complete range of product allows Campania to meet each customer's unique demands for superior and distinctive products.

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Campania International Product Series

Williamsburg Series Smithsonian Series Terrace Series Series 2 Series Series 1 Series Concept Series Zen Series Oslo Series MODERNE Series Giulia Series Arabesque Series Directoire Series Huntington Series Series 3 Series Faccia Series Carema Series Longwood Series Chenes Brut Series St. James Series St. Remy Series Litchfield Series Vendange Series Cirrus Series Monteros Series Berkeley Series Equinox Series Jensen Series Fonthill Series Tribeca Series Metro Series Madison Series Facet Series Roly Poly Series Urbino Series Ravenna Series Provencal Series Certosa Series Montparnasse Series South Seas Series Dragonfly Series Pascal Series Chatham Series Saguaro Series Relais Series Brenta Series Palo Alto Series Basic Element Series Orleans Series Medici Series Fleur de Lis Series Padova Series Marin Series Condotti Series Newport Series Aranjuez Series Tenerife Series Trough Series Brookhaven Series Square One Series Capitol Hill Series Oakdale Series Loggia Series Glen Cove Series Kentfield Series Trowbridge Series Alisa Series The New Elms Ivy Series Calistoga Series M-Series Concept Series Antique Lattice Series Love Series Park Slope Series Shelboe Series Hempstead Series Vintage Pickup Series Townsend Series Cold Spring Series M-Series Parabola Series Claudius Series Rio Series Shelbourne Series Keatin Series M-Series Bevel Series Lovebird Series Zen Element Series Aya Series Charente Series Sussex Series Augusta Series Vallier Series Juliet Series Chatsworth Series Marella Series Mill Valley Series Mano Series Caterina Series Sylvan Series Valencia Series Zen III Series Garth Series Chestnut Hill Series Girona Series Navonna Series Aurelia Series Longmeadow Series Sunflower Series Estancia Series Arles Series Fairfield Series Kyoto Series Powys Series Zen Plinth Series La Mirande Series Anfora Series Millbridge Series Berwind Series Wyndmoor Series M-Series Platia Series Paradiso Series Savoy Series Siena Series Vicobello Series Pallisades Series Wychwood Series Passaros Series Rustic Hampton Series The Elms Series M-Series Rosette Series M-Series Kenzo Series Aurielle Series Echo Series Andra Series Smithsonian Morning Glory Series Versaille Series Spring Meadow Series M-Series Camellia Series Rustic Palazzo Series Auberge Series Borghese Series Beauport Series Sagano Series M-Series Flores Series Kent Series Kosei Series Portico Series Monterey Series Coachhouse Series Savannah Series Montebello Series San Pietro Series Rittenhouse Series Montgomery Series Mt. Airy Series Beauvoir Series Passaros II Series Moreland Series M-Series Artifact Series Morning Gossip Series Alouette Series Isleboro Series Provence Series Estate Longvue Series Westport Series Linwood Series Mariposa Series Colonna Series Avery Series Beaufort Series AURELIUS Series Recife Series Lucas Series Triad Series Medici Ellipse Series Easton Series Kingscote Series M-Series Sphere Series Rochefort Series Platia Series Palais Arabesque Series Flores Series Bjorn Series Austin Series Avignon Series Genesis II Series Rustic Greenwich Series Rosecliff Series M-Series Escala Series Essential Series Portwenn Series Esplanade Series Quadrille Series Metropolitan Series M-Series Medallion Series Lucca Series Celine Series Yin Yang Series Andalusia Series St. Aubin Series Toulouse Series Las Palmas Series Iris Series Beauvais Series Mesa Series St. Louis Series Reef Point Series Acorn Series Valadier Series Westbury Series Corsini Series Escala Series Nyssa Series Wilton Series Cottage Garden Series Longvue Series Lanciano Series Newberry Series Palazzo Series Rustica Series Bardo Series Sandal Series Tattersall Series Honeycomb Series Blake Series Telluride Series Yuma Series Mini Element Series Playa Series Arroyo Series Sonora Series Bebel Series Sami Series Morganna Lite Series Anduze Series Hydrangea Leaves Series Montrose Series Malmo Series Sand Dollar Series Paseo Series

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