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Cambridge is a company that manufactures bath tubs, vanities, faucets, and other items. It has been working with retail and online outlets since 2001, aiming at providing affordable clawfoot bathtubs to its customers.

Over time, the demand for lighter-weight yet durable tub design rose up, and this is when Cambridge also began offering acrylic tubs. For both the cast iron and acrylic tubs, Cambridge offers both clawfoot and pedestal styles in both rolled rim and slipper designs.

In 2007, the company started to offer bathroom vanities to its customers. For many years, it has offered a vast variety of vanities in both style and finish. Though a large number of its vanities have a modern look and feel, Cambridge has always been expanding their inventory to include more styles and features.

Cambridge's items have found their way into people's homes in every state of the US and nearly every province of Canada. Additionally, their clients have also sent their items to every continent with the only exception which is Antarctica.

The company's goal is to carry on with the expansion of their high quality products and to continue offer only the best in customer service to all of their customers.

Cambridge offers drop-ship items for their clients and also offer their products at remarkable competitive prices.

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