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California Umbrella has spent the better part of seven decades manufacturing the best outdoor umbrellas. In the 1940s, Americans began flooding west in droves for better opportunity and better climates. In southern California, the weather was unbelievably pleasant. At times, though, the sun could be a harsh mistress, beating down burning rays and blistering heat. Some despaired when this became unbearable and remained indoors. California Umbrella recognized this as an opportunity and seized it. In 1946, they took to the task of shading the golden state's beleaguered citizens from the sweltering sun. Now, they supply their coveted outdoor umbrellas to customers the world over.

Whether you're a commercial consumer needing to accommodate hotel poolside patrons outdoor café diners, or you're a residential backyard entertaining enthusiast who'd like to shield guests from the elements, California Umbrella has a product for you. Canopies can range from a modest 9 feet in diameter to a sweeping 16 feet and they are available in a variety of shapes and colors. Every mast material offered is sturdy and weather resistant, but you have your choice of aluminum, flexwood, fiberglass, steel, and hardwood. Opening, closing, and articulating these umbrellas is extremely easy no matter your ergonomic preference. Manipulation options include manual lift, crank lift, push button tilt, and crank to tilt.

What truly makes an umbrella is the canopy material. The quality of the material is determined by several factors. One is "UV Rating", which measures how much ultraviolet (UV) light it can withstand before color fades. Related to this rating is "UPF". This determines how much UV light the material can block and protect occupants underneath from sunburn. Then you've got "Weight", which describes the material's durability. These all come together to contribute to the "Overall Life" of the umbrella. California Umbrella carries canopy material at three price points, though each one is, without exception highly rated in each quality factor. Olefin is the entry level with 20 standard color options and an expected longevity of more than 2 seasons. Pacifica is midrange with a 4-season color-fast warranty and a life expectancy of 3 to 4 seasons. Sunbrella is their finest fabric made of durable material expected to last more than 5 years of continuous use.

Don't get caught vulnerable to the elements. Get a California Umbrella.

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