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Butler Furniture

Crafting accent furniture as unique and uncommon as their customers is what Butler Specialty Furniture does best. Since 1930, Butler has been a leader in occasional and accent furnishings that bring character to any room, no matter what your style or attitude may be.

Butler is still based out of Chicago and owned by the same family. They specialize in distinctive but functional designs that utilize luxurious materials like brushed metal, fossil stone and mahogany. What sets Butler apart from other furniture companies is the varied motifs they offer. From American Nostalgia to Old World Ostentation to Modern Dynamism, Butler simply doesn't do "boring". All while staying focused at providing a middle-price point for the value-minded consumer.

It's the distinctive touches that make a room special, that's why Butler has hand-painted consoles, writing desks, secretaries, decorative benches, gaming tables with style and personality.

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Butler Product Series

Masterpiece Series Butler Loft Series Plantation Cherry Series Metalworks Series Industrial Chic Series Designer's Edge Series Artists' Originals Series Accent Seating Series Vivienne Series Heritage Series Mountain Lodge Series Rochelle Series Modern Expressions Series Wilshire Series Bone Inlay Series Pincushion Series Logan Series ANew Series Tobias Series Arielle Series Cosmopolitan Series Smithsonian Series Devane Series Forster Series Amelle Series Midway Series Channing Series Hataway Series Parrish Series Lucinda Series Harling Series Crystal Series Bainbridge Series Lawler Series Connoisseur's Series Camilla Series Vincent Series Lansing Series Dalton Series Hammond Series Reverb Series Nicholas Series Chatsworth Series Lark Series Grace Series Chester Series Easterbrook Series Yeager Series Dawson Series Leon Series Paloma Series Cummings Series Delridge Series Anthony Series Halifax Series Emerson Series Celeste Series Alta Series Ciel Series Vasco Series Morjanna Series Fermi Series Tristan Series Bedroom Series Stockholm Series Liam Series Melrose Series Jeanette Series Lowery Series Burton Series Wendell Series Zelda Series Ciro Series Tenor Series Monica Series Artifacts Series Newport Series Archer Series Costigan Series Felicia Series Tilton Series Lacrossa Series Cagney Series Bentley Series Phinney Series Alton Series Ardennes Series Jordan Series Baxter Series Webster Series Ridgeland Series Stallings Series Hampton Series Ranthore Series Victoria Series Tyler Series Fontainebleau Series Whitney Series Nigella Series Danville Series Bedford Series Emily Series Ulrich Series Clayton Series Simone Series Cheshire Series Morgan Series Solstice Series Trenton Series Nathaniel Series Felix Series Kathleen Series Watney Series Lawrie Series Kendrick Series Founders Series Zanzibar Series Khalifa Series Kilmer Series Milo Series Chevrier Series Imperial Series Greta Series Brixton Series Darby Series Talia Series Gabriel Series Ashby Series Greeley Series Carlyle Series Amanda Series Hewett Series Durham Series Tamara Series Amherst Series Foster Series Devin Series Jacoby Series Glenview Series Faddei Series Bernadette Series Mansfield Series Lila Series Finney Series Orian Series Hors D'oeuvres Series Triton Series Whitley Series Metropolis Series Doyle Series Cameron Series Melton Series Bannockburn Series Natalya Series Charlotte Series Peninsula Series Halcyon Series Andros Series Cleo Series Bellarose Series Mesquite Series Jocelyn Series Aubrey Series Freeport Series Astor Series

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