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Bosch, the same industry leading company synonymous with automotive components is also one of the world’s top three companies for household appliances. They offer premium major appliances for a complete contemporary kitchen. Bosch brand appliances places modernity and simplicity as one of their major concentrations. With over a century of operations as a manufacturing company, Bosch promotes a straightforward ideal that home appliances should make everyday tasks easier.

Competent German-engineering is the backbone in all of Bosch’s products and their home appliances division is no exception to the notoriety of that ingenuity. Their three main focuses are: uncompromising quality, technical perfection and absolute reliability. These ideals including an exuberant history with influences on the times and culture set forth a pace within Bosch envisioning the future as a foundation.

Bosch releases their first electric refrigerator in the 1930s and by the 1940s released a line of practical refrigerators with a freezer compartment that proved to be very popular at that time. As time progressed, Bosch had an innovation and a new home appliance for every decade making even the most mundane and tedious chores simpler and automated. They aim to be a dependable home appliances company that can ensure faster housework and improved quality of life.

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