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Bosch Smart Appliances with Home Connect

Bosch Smart Appliances with Home Connect

The appliance industry is ever changing and evolving. From self-cleaning ovens to smart refrigerators, our appliances have become more advanced and our homes are "smarter" than ever. Bosch has recently made waves in the appliance industry with the introduction and expansion of their "Home Connect" technology and compatible appliances. Bosch Home Connect works with select models of Bosch coffee machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, wall ovens, and--most recently--laundry appliances!

The Bosch Coffee Machine with Home Connect

Smart Coffee

The Bosch BCM8450UC 24-Inch Coffee Machine with Home Connect lets you order your favorite drink right from your smartphone or tablet. You can choose from a wide variety of coffee and tea drinks, like lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos. The coffee machine has a CoffeePlaylist feature that lets you program customized drinks. This feature makes it quick and easy to prepare your favorite drinks. Bosch also recommends using it to preprogram the preferred drinks of all your frequent guests, to make entertaining even easier. You'll get a notification on your phone when your drink is ready to serve.

Bosch Built-In Coffee Maker with Home Conenct
The Bosch Dishwasher with Home Connect

Smart (Dish)Washing

Dishwashers are one of the most convenient kitchen appliances--apart from the essential range and fridge of course. Your Bosch SHEM78WH5N 24-Inch Dishwasher with Home Connect practically runs on its own. It will notify you, via the app, when you're running low on salt and detergent tabs, so you can order some before you run out. Alternately, you can sign up for auto replenishment from Amazon and your Bosch dishwasher will order the new tabs for you!

The app also lets you know when your dishwasher cycle ends and your dishes ready to be unloaded. You can even start a cycle straight from your smartphone or tablet. Bosch Home Connect dishwashers also have advanced leak detection technology built into the appliance. If a leak occurs, your dishwasher will alert you to the problem via the app. This lets you act quickly and prevent extensive damage to your floors or the appliance.

Bosch Dishwasher with Home Connect
The Bosch Refrigerator with Home Connect

Smart Preservation

Bosch B09IB81NSP 24-Inch Refrigerators with Home Connect have the same great features and power of preservation that Bosch's other models do, with the added benefit of app connectivity. Now, you can active the Bosch SuperCool feature right from your smart device! SuperCool lowers the temperature in your refrigerator to thirt-two degrees Fahrenheit for up to fifteen hours. This feature was especially designed to help you rapidly chill any newly purchased groceries. You can even see inside your Bosch refrigerator while you're at the supermarket via the internal camera. This feature lets you see what you already have so you can easily determine what you need to buy, right from your phone.

The Home Connect refrigerator model is a bottom-freezer refrigerator. Like its refrigerator counterpart, he freezer portion of the appliance has a SuperFreeze feature that drops the temperature in the freezer so you can rapidly freeze any new food.

Your Bosch refrigerator will also notify you when your refrigerator door is left open. You can also switch your refrigerator to Vacation Mode to save energy while you're away.

Bosch Compact Refrigerator with Home Connect
The Bosch Wall Oven with Home Connect

Smart Baking

The Bosch HBE5452UC 24-Inch Wall Oven with Home Connect lets you preheat your oven right from your phone. If you're out buying groceries for dinner, you can remotely preheat your Bosch oven from the supermarket, so you're ready to start baking when you get home. The app monitors everything and will keep you updated for added safety. You can even adjust the oven temperature straight from the app and turn the oven off remotely. Of all the appliances in the Home Connect suite, the wall ovens are our favorite. They are a total game changer and can save you a lot of time. For example, if you leave leftovers in the oven before you leave in the morning, you can come home to a ready-to-eat, hot meal!

Bosch Built-In Wall Oven with Home Connect
The Bosch Washer and Dryer with Home Connect

Smart Laundry

Bosch Smart Laundry with Home Connect is the latest member of the Home Connect suite. Answering the call for high-capacity compact appliances, Bosch designed the WAW285H2UC 24-Inch Washer and the WTG865H2UC 24-Inch Dryer with an eighteen-towel capacity. Home Connect takes the guesswork out of laundry day with the Bosch EasyStart feature. Using the app, just select the type of clothes in the load you're washing, and the app will recommend the right cycle for that load. You can even start or adjust a cycle right from the app.

You'll also get notifications letting you know when a cycle is complete and what the energy and water consumption levels are for each load. The end-of-cycle notifications are especially handy because you can move your load from your washer to your dryer quickly. Leaving a wet load in a washer for too long can produce a moldy smell, so it's recommended that you at least leave the door open if you can't remove the load immediately. This feature lets you know exactly when the cycle is over, so you can act fast!

Bosch Washer and Dryer Pair with Home Connect
Connect to Quality Trouble Shooting with Bosch Home Connect

Connect to Quality Troubleshooting

Bosch Home Connect can also help you run remote diagnostics on your appliances. All you have to do is call to setup an appointment, then (with your consent) a Bosch Customer Service representative can remotely access the appliance you're having trouble with and locate the source of the problem and solve it. If the issue requires physical maintenance, your Bosch Service Technician can schedule an in-home appointment to replace or repair any missing parts.

Bosch Home Connect makes it easy to diagnose your appliances and seek professional assistance, if necessary.
Connect to Helpful Information in the Bosch Home Connect App

Smart Info

The Home Connect app is also an information bank. You can learn all about coffee beans, blends, and roasts--right from the app! The app also provides helpful pairing tips, so you know exactly what to serve with each drink. It has recipe guides for coffee cocktails, dessert options, and even meal ideas!

The app also has helpful refrigerator and freezer storage tips and recommendations for ideal temperature and humidity settings for multiple types of foods. In addition to giving you tips on how to best store your food, the app also has a ton of healthy and easy recipes. You can even save your favorites to the app so they're at your fingertips in the future.

The Bosch Home Connect technology also works with Amazon Dash, Amazon Alexa, and Nest for even greater connectivity and convenience.

The Bosch Home Connect app has a lot of helpful information!

Many Americans have been opting for downsized smart homes in recent years and that trend is expected to stay on the rise. Bosch, a leader in simply-designed compact appliances, has recognized this shift and curated a suite of appliances that can be remotely controlled and monitored from a simple app. Home Connect puts the power of your home in the palm of your hand; from washing your clothes to brewing your morning cappuccino.

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