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Bluworld Waterfalls

Bluworld is a leading manufacturer and designer of water features for residential and commercial use. The brand is known for innovative products that are constructed with quality materials. A wide variety of Bluworld water features include walls of water, bubble walls, reflection pools, fountain and sculpture water features.

The Bluworld Waterwalls is the most versatile product line of the brand. These water features are available in a variety of shapes and sizes with the options to choose from various water panel materials and frame colors. Most of these water features are designed with marble wall fountains that have dimmable LED lighting and removable rock trays with polished river stones. In addition to that, the water features include the remote control for controlling the water flow.

Bluworld Sculpture Water Features offer unique designs that are built with quality materials, such as stainless steel, copper, bronze, aluminum, marble, and granite. In addition to that, the brand creates custom designs for individual projects and offers a variety of unique designs to choose from or to add a personal twist to it.

Bubble Water Features are another unique design of the brand. This product line is designed with completely sealed, encapsulated walls and features rising air bubbles illuminated with color changing LED lights. The brand offers a variety of effect options for the bubble walls including variable air release mechanisms and custom control programs that sequence the bubble and lights together.

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