Introducing BlueStar's New Chef-Inspired Electric Kitchen!

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What happens when you combine over 100 years of experience in the appliances industry with innovative & modern engineering? The results are obvious when you view BlueStar's comprehensive suite of premium appliances. For many years, BlueStar has pursued excellence in every major appliance category and has pushed to the forefront of the entire industry. By mixing unmatched customization options, handcrafted and durable construction, and unrivaled performance capabilities, BlueStar provides ample premium appliance options for the discerning chef.

Recently, BlueStar has made waves with its full lineup of commercial-style electric appliances for home kitchens. Meeting rigorous quality standards while still maintaining optimal performance in a fully electric kitchen is a challenge BlueStar was willing to take and they did so in stride. This lineup includes brand new Double Electric Wall Ovens , the new 36" Induction Cooktop, premium Built-in Refrigerators, and powerful ventilation products. The focuses of this article are the outstanding BlueStar Induction cooktop and Double Electric Wall Ovens and the innovative features they include. Be sure to check out the Learning Center at Appliances Connection for more information on BlueStar's latest products as well as much more! And don't miss our previous in-depth look into the release of the brand new BlueStar Built-in Refrigerator line!

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Brand New BlueStar 36 Inch Induction Cooktop

BlueStar's brand new 36" Induction Cooktop combines advanced induction cooking technology with modern innovation and convenience. Equipped with five powerful burners, this cooktop is as precise as it is versatile. The main center burner reaches a searing 5,500 Watts and can boil a quart of water in less than 2 minutes! Should you want to use this cooktop for its simmering functions, you'll enjoy 200° heat, perfect for gentle cooking tasks. Additionally, if you're entertaining guests, you may find the "keep warm" setting ideal for keeping your meal at a perfect serving temperature until it's time for seconds! Each burner features 12 cooking settings for unmatched temperature control and precise versatility. Cold and hot spots are a thing of the past with this cooktop. The bottom of your induction-friendly cookware heats quickly and uniformly for even cooking across the entire cooking surface. What's better than the efficiency of one of BlueStar's induction elements? The answer lies in their 2-burner bridging technology. With the Dual Zone Cast Iron Griddle you can utilize the power and precision of two burners at once for one versatile large size burner. When you equip this griddle attachment, you can watch as your cooktop transforms to become the perfect grilling or searing tool. The attractive design features sleek push-to-turn knobs that can be customized in over 190 standard colors and 10 trim options to match your kitchen's décor!

Gentle Simmer

Gentle Simmer - In addition to high-heat capabilities, this cooktop can maintain ultra-low temperatures for gentle simmering.

No Touch Hot Surface indicator

No-Touch Hot Surface Indicator - When the glasstop surface reaches unsafe temperatures, this cooktop will automatically warn you to prevent accidents.

Induction Tech

Induction Technology - Fast and safe, this cooktop uses magnetic waves to induce heat directly in the pan for quick boiling and intense sears.

Brand New BlueStar Double Electric Wall Ovens

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BlueStar's newest addition to their electric appliance suite is a lineup of Double Electric Wall Ovens. Each oven was designed to provide restaurant-quality performance and results. There's no shortage of cooking power in these ovens thanks to a 2,500-watt bake element and an intense 5,000-watt infrared broiler! Additionally, an 1,800-watt heat assist element located in the back of the oven cavity provides rapid pre-heating and less time waiting. BlueStar's premium wall ovens feature True European Convection technology to ensure even air circulation throughout the oven cavity. Explore the twelve different cooking modes featured in these wall ovens including: Bake, Convection Bake, Roast, Convection Roast, Broil, StoneBake, Proof, Dehydrate, and Sabbath modes. Preparing large holiday feasts is easier than ever with these ovens. The extra-large cooking cavities have ample room for commercial-size baking sheets and can accommodate multiple items at once. Bring the bakery and pizzeria home with you by using the professional-quality, temperature controlled baking stone in the top oven. The baking stone offers brick-oven like conditions by absorbing heat rom the oven for baking directly on top of the heat source. Enjoy fresh, gourmet pizza or bread in just minutes!

Integrated Baking Stone

Integrated Baking Stone - Create crisp breads and pizzas in your home kitchen! Precise temperatures produce professional results!

Temperature Probe

Temperature Probe - Accurately measure the internal temperatures of meats, poultry, and casseroles without having to open the door!

12 cooking Modes

12 Cooking Modes - Intuitive touch screen controls allow you to choose from 12 pre-programmed cooking modes!

All BlueStar appliances feature unmatched customization. Explore the many intriguing color, trim, and design customization options on our BlueStar Custom Color Page! Also, be sure to check out the Learning Center's previous article that details BlueStar's new 36" Built-in Refrigerator!

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