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As the warm summer air retreats and the cool autumn winds roll in, this time of year signifies several things. Though spring is traditionally regarded as the season of new beginnings, the Fall months bring new changes of their own. Many will begin a new year of school, both as students and teachers; trees once full of bountiful green leaves begin to change to yellows, oranges, and reds as they prepare for survival of the cold months around the corner. As we bear witness to the changes happening around us, some use this time to rebuild or rebrand themselves and their environments. No one understands this need for customization and control more than BlueStar, maker of appliances and accessories for the serious home cook in a modern kitchen. For over 100 years, BlueStar has prided themselves on providing top-quality kitchen appliances in professional styles while still offering unmatched customization options and staying current with modern trends.

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Designing your kitchen down to the most infinitesimal detail has never been easier as every BlueStar appliance is available in custom colors, trims, and configurations of your choosing. Should you be redesigning your kitchen or building a new one from the ground up, BlueStar provides ample ways to express yourself through design. These unparalleled customization options offer an added benefit: an expanded set of options for designing the framework of your kitchen. Sure, appliances finished in stainless steel or traditional white match most interior motifs but many desire a stand-out design over merely matching.

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As the leaves change colors, so too do the popular trends in home design and décor. To stay ahead of the cutting edge in design, BlueStar features a palette of more than 750 colors and trims that are unrivaled in the industry. See for yourself the numerous color and trim options available on BlueStar appliances by visiting our BlueStar Custom Colors tool. Here you can view renderings of the various attractive finishes on several different appliances.

BlueStar's contest winning interior designer, Jill Calo, has curated the upcoming trends in hues you'll be seeing everywhere this fall and winter. Leading the pack of endless custom color options, Calo suggests that this autumn will be led by Red Lilac, Pastel or Purple Violet, Platinum Grey, and Blue Azure. This mix of classic colors and more unexpected shades is only part of the comprehensive catalog of possibilities offered by BlueStar.

BlueStar Pastel Violet Range

Pastel Violet

Accentuate your light natural wood cabinets and countertops with this stunning but understated hue. On a Bluestar range or wall oven, this color will certainly cause its share of double takes.

BlueStar Purple Violet Range

Purple Violet

Reminiscent of a full-bodied wine, this color makes any appliance into an eye-catching centerpiece of your kitchen. Like a fine wine, this color pairs nicely with a variety of kitchen designs and stands out as a complement to traditional countertop and cabinetry colors.

BlueStar Platinum Grey Range

Platinum Grey

This color is a perennial favorite for its quiet, subtle design but is bold enough to design a kitchen around. Any appliance would look good dressed in this and likewise, most kitchen motifs will mesh perfectly with its agreeable tone.

BlueStar Azure Blue Range

Azure Blue

For a modern and bold color, look no further than this particular hue. This shade of blue offers a striking option for a contemporary kitchen design. In a kitchen designed around darker accents such as black or copper, the results are dramatic and eye-catching.

BlueStar Cobalt Blue Range

Cobalt Blue

A classic hue that evokes a professional cooking atmosphere. On its own, this color may not turn any heads but when installed against a bright backdrop of white and grey, it becomes an instant focal point. This color means business on whichever BlueStar appliance you deem worthy.

BlueStar Agate Range

Blue Agate

This color is an inspiring take on classic blue shades and will steal the show however you choose to implement it. This tone blends perfectly with traditional counter and cabinet colors like greys and blacks but can be the cornerstone of your kitchen with almost any complement if you so choose.

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