Blue Wave Patio Furniture

Founded over 10 years ago as a pool chemical company, Blue Wave has become a leading manufacturer and distributor in the pool and home leisure industry. Their one simple goal is to provide consumers with the products they demand at a level of quality that exceeds their expectations. Blue Wave has expanded their offerings to include full above-ground pool kits, a wide range of pool accessories/equipment, and unique in-home table games,

Choose from a variety of steel wall and inflatable outdoor pools that can accommodate a wide range of backyard sizes. For those who prefer to stay dry, Blue Wave also offers diverse patio furniture items so you and your guests can relax outside sunbathing and socializing. On a cool summer night, give the pool a break and gather around the warm glow of one of Blue Wave's steel fire pits.

Blue Wave's products are not limited to pools and other home activities. You can also choose from an assortment of outdoor products such as paddleboards, kayaks, and snow sleds for your excursions into the great outdoors at any time of the year. They also carry beloved outdoor games including croquet sets, bocce balls, and horseshoes.

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